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Corporate social responsibility

Environment, social and governance (ESG) risks are monitored as part of the Board’s oversight of ASX’s enterprise risk management framework. They reflect ASX's focus on the long-term sustainability of its business.

ASX people

ASX aims to build and retain a highly motivated team of professionals with the best available skills and experience.

The Remuneration Committee oversees and receives periodic reports about ASX’s human capital policies and programs. The Executive Committee regularly reviews talent and leadership programs, performance management and reward processes, succession planning outcomes, diversity strategy progress, and staff alignment and engagement results.

ASX’s FY16 voluntary turnover was 12.0%, and its lost-time injury frequency rate (the number of lost-time injuries per 1 million hours worked) was less than 0.1.


Management and the Board review the core set of values and behaviours that reflect ASX’s brand and culture. Results of an annual survey measures staff alignment, engagement and commitment to ASX values and behaviours are monitored at Board level. ASX staff alignment and engagement increased in FY16. Alignment is in the top quartile and engagement is at the top of the second quartile of ASX’s peer group.

Diversity and inclusion

ASX supports an inclusive and diverse work environment where employees have equal access to career opportunities, training and benefits.

Gender equality is a business priority and ASX is committed to supporting the equal participation of men and women in the workforce. ASX supports marriage equality.

Gender equality targets

ASX has made good progress towards its gender diversity targets. The overall organisational target of 40% has been met. The current target of 40% at all senior management levels continues for FY17.

Female representation in ASX as at 1 August 2016 was:

 ASX level % women
1 Aug 2016
 Board of directors 33.3 33.3
 Group Executives 25 40
 Executive Committee 36 40
 Management Executive 40 40
 Managers/Team Leaders 40 40
 Professional/technical 38 40
 Administrative 88 50+
 Entire organisation 41 40

ASX an employer of choice

ASX has been awarded an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. This annual award recognises ASX’s commitment to supporting men and women’s equal participation in the workforce.

Further details of ASX’s human capital policies are set out on pages 14-15 of ASX’s 2016 Annual Report. ASX’s remuneration report is set out on pages 17-25 of ASX’s 2016 Annual Report.

Ethics and integrity

ASX’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Fraud Control and Whistleblower Protection policies promote ethical and responsible decision-making by all directors and employees of the ASX Group. ASX employees certify they understand and comply with these policies. Periodic training is provided..

Further details are set out on page 11 of the corporate governance section of ASX’s 2016 Annual Report.


ASX is a service-based organisation that does not extract physical or natural resources and is not involved in the manufacture or transport of products. ASX’s environmental risks are not significant.

Environmental risks are monitored, assessed and managed as part of ASX’s risk management framework. ASX’s approach to managing these risks includes: measuring the impact of its activities, minimising consumption of materials, recycling and re-using consumables, and supporting awareness of environmental issues.

Environmental impact

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Unit 2014 2015 2016
Scope 1 - diesel and gas t CO2-e 100 29 11
Scope 2 - electricity t CO2-e 12,250 13,011 14,440


GHG emissions by activity Unit 2014 2015 2016
Scope 1 - diesel and gas combustion t CO2-e 100 29 11
Scope 2 - electricity (data centre hosting) t CO2-e 7,963 8,457 10,108
              - electricity (remainder ASX's business) t CO2-e 4,288 4,554 4,332
Scope 3 - travel (business travel and commuting) t CO2-e 956 986 1,021
              - paper usage (office) t CO2-e 23 16 0
              - paper usage (CHESS statements and notifications) t CO2-e 129 146 0


Paper usage Unit 2014 2015 2016
Office use tonnes 12 8 7
CHESS statements and notifications tonnes 64 73 75

Environmental Targets and Initiatives

Further details of ASX's evironmental initiatives and targets for FY16 and FY17 are set out on page 16 of ASX's 2016 Annual Report.

Assessment of ASX’s ESG practices

ASX participates in the following external assessments of its ESG practices:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project - provides transparency on ASX’s emissions, waste and water usage
  • FTSE4Good Index Series - identifies companies that have met stringent social and environmental criteria

ASX is aware that its ESG practices have also been assessed by MSCI ESG research.

Further details of how ASX manages its environmental footprint are set out on page 16 of ASX’s 2016 Annual Report.

ASX in the Community

ASX assists its employees to become active supporters of worthwhile causes and participate in community programs outside the workplace. This includes providing paid volunteering leave. ASX’s community programs allow employees to support causes and charities of their choice from a broad list of charity partners. ASX matches employee donations to these charity partners, with $153,104 donated to 59 charities in FY16.

ASX ThomsonReuters Charity Foundation

The ASX ThomsonReuters Charity Foundation supports Australia-based children’s and medical research charities by organising fundraising events with participants from financial markets and other industries. Over $1.6 million was raised and distributed to 59 charities in FY16.

ShareGift Australia

ASX has been a supporter of ShareGift Australia since 2007. ShareGift Australia is a not-for profit organisation that allows shareholders to sell parcels of shares free of brokerage costs and donate the proceeds to charity. ASX reimburses all ASX exchange fees on ShareGift Australia transactions. ASX encourages its shareholders to support ShareGift Australia by enclosing a ShareGift Share Sale Donation Form with the final dividend letter from the Chairman. ShareGift Australia has donated over $1.35 million to 450 charities.

Anzac Centenary Public Fund

ASX is contributing $1 million to the Anzac Centenary Public Fund. The Fund, established by the Australian Government, receives donations to commemorate the centenary of Australia’s involvement in the First World War and a Century of Service. Projects honour and improve understanding of the service and sacrifice of Australia’s servicemen and women, past and present, in defending Australia’s values and freedoms.

Investor Education

ASX provides access to free tools and resources to explain the potential rewards and risks of investing.