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The below table lists the maturity information for all wool futures and options contracts. All times listed are AEST/AEDT.

Holders of long (bought) futures positions should note that allocation of deliverable stock during the delivery period is an automated random process. Allocation could therefore occur at anytime once the delivery period begins.

Maturity Calendar Greasy Wool Options Greasy Delivery Wool Period Fine Wool
Contract Month Code Maturity Start Maturity Maturity
Feb 14  G4  07.02.14< 14.02.14  20.02.14  20.02.14 
Apr 14  J4  04.04.14 11.04.14  17.04.14  17.04.14 
Expiry Time 16:00   12:00 12:00
Exercise Time 18:00      
Net Down By 17:30 13:30 13:30

Greasy Wool Futures

The ASX 24 Greasy Wool Futures Contract (21 Micron) is a deliverable contract. Options are listed over the front two contract months for ASX 24 Greasy Wool (21 Micron) Futures.

The Last Trading Day for ASX 24 wool contracts ends at 12 noon on the third Thursday of the contract month, provided this is a trading day. The delivery period for Greasy Wool commences on the Friday prior to the Last Trading Day.