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Released between 12/05/2014 and 12/06/2014

NOTICE - company delisted

  • Company code "AUT" delisted as of 12/06/2014
    following the implementation of a scheme of arrangement whereby Baytex Energy Australia Pty Ltd acquired all of the shares in the company.

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Announcements released as AUT

Date Price
Headline Pages PDF Edited
11/06/2014   Removal from Official List on 12/06/14 1 PDF -
11/06/2014   Implementation of Scheme of Arrangement 1 PDF -
29/05/2014   Change in substantial holding in AUT by DB Group 3 PDF -
27/05/2014   Change in substantial holding in AUT by DB Group 4 PDF -
27/05/2014   ASX Notice 2 PDF -
27/05/2014 asterix Suspension from close of trading 27/05/14 1 PDF -
27/05/2014   Lodgement of Court Orders with ASIC 1 PDF -
26/05/2014   Court Approves Scheme of Arrangement - Amendment 1 PDF -
26/05/2014 asterix Court Approves Scheme of Arrangement 3 PDF -
22/05/2014   Scheme Update 1 PDF -
21/05/2014 asterix Shareholders Approve Scheme of Arrangement 2 PDF -
21/05/2014   Chair Speech and Presentation Material for Scheme Meeting 11 PDF -
21/05/2014   Schedule to Shareholder Letter 5 PDF -
20/05/2014 asterix ZSP: Aurora Oil & Gas to be removed from the S&P/ASX Indices 2 PDF -
20/05/2014 asterix AWE:Major upgrade to AWE's Sugarloaf reserves and resources 4 PDF -
16/05/2014   Change in substantial holding in AUT by DBA 3 PDF -
15/05/2014   Change in substantial holding 2 PDF -
14/05/2014   Scheme of Arrangement - Supplementary Materials 9 PDF -
14/05/2014   Amendment to Scheme Implementation Deed and Deed Poll 13 PDF -
14/05/2014   Ceasing to be a substantial holder from NAB 17 PDF -
14/05/2014   Becoming a substantial holder 22 PDF -
13/05/2014 asterix Baytex Increases Its Offer Price to AU$4.20 Per Share 4 PDF -

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  • BWT changed to AUT

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