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Initial Director`s Interest Notice x 7

Document date:  Tue 08 Jan 2002
Published:  Tue 08 Jan 2002 00:00:00
Document No:  131672
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N

NORMANDY MINING LIMITED                       2002-01-08  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Adelaide                                                      



   Name of Company        Normandy Mining Limited

   ABN                    86 009 295 765

We (the entity) give the ASX the following information under listing
rule 3.19A.1 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section
205G of the Corporations Act.

   Name of Director       Robert James Champion de Crespigny

   Date of Appointment    01/07/1981

Part 1 - Director's relevant interests in securities of which the
director is the registered holder

Number & class of securities

 64,217 ordinary shares

Part 2 - Director's relevant interests in securities of which the
director is not the registered holder 

   Name of holder &                                  Number & class
   nature of interest                                 of securities
                                                   (ordinary shares)

   Angus Robert Champion de Crespigny (child)                 7,312
   Georgina Melanie Champion de Crespigny (child)             7,304
   James John Champion de Crespigny (child)                   7,325
   James Vivian Champion de Crespigny (close relative)      347,854(1)
   Joan Winifred Champion de Crespigny (close relative)       1,000  
   Lachlan Champion de Crespigny (child)                      7,445
   Melanie Grace Champion de Crespigny (spouse)              61,473
   Stuart James Champion de Crespigny (child)                 8,734
   Avabone NV (pre-emptive right/option over all shares) 14,583,067
   Chestney Pty Ltd (spouse/children are beneficiaries of   
     a trust)                                               754,294
   Golden West Hydrocarbons Pty Ltd (wholly-owned 
     subsidiary of West Bay Nominees)                     1,545,254
   Harbour Nominees Pty Ltd (pre-emptive right/option 
     over all shares)                                    19,236,571
   Laref Pty Ltd (beneficiary of a trust)                 1,996,113
   Merefin Finance BV (pre-emptive right/option over
     all shares)                                          9,218,955
   Normandy Resources BV (pre-emptive right/option over
     all shares)                                          9,218,954
   Resource Venture Capital Management Pty Ltd (direct
     and indirect holder of greater than 50% of shares)   3,774,969
   Trafford Park Pty Ltd direct holder of 100% of shares) 7,480,087
   West Bay Nominees Pty Ltd (beneficiary of trust)       2,755,233 
   1. Robert James Champion de Crespigny has an option
      over these shares.

Part 3 - Director's interests in contracts

Detail of contract              N/A

Nature of interest                                  

Name of registered holder
(if issued securities)                              

No. and class of securities
to which interest relates