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Fourth Quarter Activities Report

Document date:  Fri 30 Jul 1999
Published:  Fri 30 Jul 1999 00:00:00
Document No:  150665
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N

GREAT CENTRAL MINES LIMITED                   1999-07-30  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     


Gold production for the quarter totalled 236,328 ounces at a cash
operating cost of A$285 per ounce. Gold production for 1998/99
financial year totalled 783,182 ounces at a cash operating cost of
A$307 per ounce. Production statistics are as follows.

             JUNE 1999        FINANCIAL
                                            QUARTER          YEAR TO


Underground mine production      t           397,807         1,528,303
                               g/t              7.30              5.34
Ore milled                       t           485,744         1,819,630
                               g/t              6.73              4.78
ry                         %              97.6              97.5
Gold production                ozs           102,602           272,607
Cash operating cost          A$/oz               259               301


Open pit mine production         t           591,549         2,927,697
                               g/t              3.64              3.22
Underground mine production      t           130,586           376,478
                               g/t              8.80
8              8.30
Ore milled                       t           790,859         2,996,196
                               g/t              4.08              4.08
Recovery                         %              93.8              94.5
Gold production                ozs            97,287           371,041
Cash operating costs         A$/oz               291               296


Underground mine production      t           169,921           654,788
      g/t              7.67              7.48
Ore milled                       t           197,754           702,035
                               g/t              6.90              7.26
Recovery                         %              84.1              84.1
Gold production                ozs            36,439           139,534
Cash operating costs         A$/oz               355               350


Gold production                ozs           236,328           783,1820

Cash operating cost          A$/oz               285               307


Gold production at Bronzewing was 102,602 ounces at a cash operating
cost of A$259 per ounce comparing favourably to the budget of 80,578

Mining and milling rates improved significantly and higher grade
Central Zone stope ore was accessed as forecast.

Backfill systems at both Central and Discovery zones are performing
to design. Bronzewing produced its 1,000,000th ounce of gold on 20
May 1999, after 4 1/2 years of production.


Gold production and cash operating costs Jundee were in line with
budget for the quarter. A total of 97,287 ounces were produced at a
cash operating cost of A$291 per ounce.

Barton Deeps continued to produce ore at a rate higher than budget
with the South decline reaching the 11 level and the North decline
reaching the 10 level by the end of the quarter.

Gold production during 1998/99 totalled 371,041 ounces of gold at a0

unit operating cost of A$296 per ounce, 3.5% above budget.


Gold production for the quarter at Wiluna totalled 36,439 ounces at
cash operating cost Of A$355 per ounce. Total production for the
financial year was 139,534 ounces at $350 per ounce compared to a
budget of 134,450 ounces at A$346 per ounce. The gold production was
the highest annual production at Wiluna since the mine re-opened in
1984. The downward trend in operating costs continued with the month
of Jun0
e 1999 being A$329 per ounce.

The BIOX (R) plant continues to perform well with recoveries of 84%
being achieved which is in-line with budget.

Development of the Golden Age free-milling quartz vein ore body
continued with good grades being returned.