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Media Release: ANZ Directors declare dividend

Document date:  Mon 22 Nov 1999
Published:  Mon 22 Nov 1999 19:02:34
Document No:  155368
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N

HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     


                         (Equity Accounted)

Name of entity
Om Holdings Limited 

ACN or ARBN        Half    Preliminary     Financial year
                   yearly     final        ended
                   (tick)    (tick)        ('current period')         
081 028 337                     X            31/12/1997

Sales (or equivalent operating)
revenue (item 1.1)                       up         123% to   100,625

Abnormal items after tax 
attributable to members (item 2.5) )     gain/loss       of         -

Operating profit (loss) after tax
(before amortisation of goodwill)
attributable to members (item 1.26)      up         227% to     3,231

Operating profit (loss) after tax
attributable to members(item 1.10)       up         225% to     3,203

Extraordinary items after tax
attributable to members (item 1.13)      gain/loss       of         - 

Operating profit (loss) and 
extraordinary items after tax 
attributable to members (item 1.16)      up         225% to     3,203

Dividends (distributions)                 Amount per    Franked amount
                                           security      per security
                                                          at 36% tax

Final dividend(Preliminary final
 report only - item 15.4); 
Interim Dividend(Half yearly report
 only - item 15.6)                               1 c             N/A c

Previous corresponding period
(Preliminary final report - item 15.5; 
 half yearly report - item 15.7)               N/A c             N/A c
Record date for determining entitlements to the dividend,
(in the case of a trust, distribution) (see item 15.2)    17/04/1998

Brief explanation of omission of directional and percentage changes 
to profit in accordance with Note 1 and short details of any bonus 
or cash issue or other item(s) of importance not previously released
 to the market:

 The consolidated financial statement of OM Holdings Limited are 
 stated in Hong Kong Dollars. For the convenience of the Australian
 readers, the financial information set out from this page to P.15
 have been translated into Australian dollars at the exchange rate
 prevailing as at 31 December 1997 of A$1 = HK $5.056. (1996: A$1 =
 HK$5.455, being the rate used in the Prospectus).