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Media Release: Technology Alliance with Microsoft

Document date:  Fri 04 Feb 2000
Published:  Fri 04 Feb 2000 11:57:32
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today announced it had reached agreement-in-principle with
Microsoft to substantially enhance ANZ's web-based global technology

Under a Heads of Agreement signed in Melbourne this week, ANZ and
Microsoft intend to work together to deliver:

* rapid deployment of Microsoft's leading edge software
* standardisation of ANZ's global PC infrastructure through a
  consistent technical environment
* web-based processing platform world-wide
* reduced technology costs.

ANZ Head of Technology, e-Commerce and Payments, Mr David Boyles said
the agreement was central to ANZ's web-based strategy, which would
reduce costs, rapidly evolve its e-commerce capability and deliver
better service for customers.

"This initiative is in line with ANZ's strategy of creating the
banking platform of the future using internet technology. We have
already made substantial progress on the rollout of our internal
web-infrastructure with web-based IP networks in 25 countries, all
major office locations and over 100 branches in Australia. The
remainder of branches will be completed by the end of the year," Mr
Boyles said.

"This agreement is the cornerstone of the development of our global
web based platform and includes upgrading personal computers to run
Windows NT or Windows 2000 across 950 additional sites in Australian
and New Zealand during the year. Implementation of the new platform
will accelerate in 2001 and be completed shortly thereafter.

"Our objective is to provide a single integrated network providing
line of sight to each customer using web-based technology linking our
businesses, our core systems and our customers.

"This will help provide a consistent level of service across all of
our businesses, reduce costs and provide a better experience for out
customers," Mr Boyles said.

Terms of the ANZ-Microsoft agreement will be finalised over the next
three months.

For media enquiries, please contact;

Michelle Gibbings
Tel: 03 9273 6190 or 
     0409 655 551