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MER`s Notice re: Protected Basket Warrants (PBWXXA)

Document date:  Thu 01 Jun 2000
Published:  Thu 01 Jun 2000 19:23:59
Document No:  209782
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N


HOMEX - Sydney                                                        

Merrill Lynch International & Co CV takes this opportunity to
advise Holders of the Protected Basket Warrants (PBWXXA) that
Colonial Limited shareholders yesterday approved the proposal to
merge with Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Under the terms of the PBWXXA warrants as set out in the Offering
Circular dated 22 October 1999, the CGH shares will be excluded from
the basket, with immediate effect.

The number of shares remaining in the basket has therefore been
increased so that the basket now comprises shares in the relevant
companies as set out below, adjusted in accordance with the formula
specified in the Offering Circular.

The revised weighting of the basket has been calculated as follows;-

NAME                 NUMBER

AMP                  16.38
ANZ                  23.55
BHP                  27.64
BIL                   3.07
CBA                  14.33
CCL                  11.26
CGH                      -
CML                  17.40
CW0                  58.36
FBG                  26.62
LLC                   7.17
NAB                  21.50
NCP                  30.71
NCPDP                31.74
PBL                  10.24
RIO                   9.21
TLS                  98.28
WBC                  28.67
WMC                  17.40
WOW                  17.40
WPL                  11.26

For further inquiries please contact:

Amanda Bennett  (02) 9226-5150
Chris McDermott (02) 9226-5250

Merrill Lynch Equities (Australia) Limited
(for and on behalf of
Merrill Lynch International & Co CV)