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Media Release: Management of Personal e-Commerce

Document date:  Wed 13 Sep 2000
Published:  Wed 13 Sep 2000 10:11:22
Document No:  166882
Document part:  A
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Classification:  Company Administration - Other


HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today announced the appointment of Ms Alison Watkins as Managing
Director, Personal e-Commerce reporting to Mr Peter Hawkins, Group
Managing Director, Personal Financial Services.

Ms Watkins' role is central to ANZ's strategy to become an 'e-bank
with a human face" by embracing new technology that provides
customers with a multi-channel personalised experience, and finding
new e-business opportunities. Ms Watkins was previously Group General
Manager, Strategy and Marketing.

Ms Watkins' appointment follows Mr Satyendra Chelvendra's request to
take six months long service and study leave, after which he will
return to a new senior position within ANZ.

Mr Elmer Funke Kupper, as Group Managing Director, Strategy and
International, will assume responsibility for Strategic Planning
across the Group. In this role he will oversee ANZ's growth strategy,
international expansion and the strategic shaping of the portfolio of
specialised businesses.

Ms Elizabeth Proust, will assume responsibility for Group Marketing
and Branding, in addition to her current responsibilities for
Corporate Affairs and Human Resources.

ANZ Chief Executive Officer, Mr John McFarlane, said there was
arguably no good time for senior executives to take long service.
"After 20 years service however it's important for Chelvi to be able
to take a career break which is in line with the increasing and
welcome trend for senior executives to create a more holistic
work/life balance," Mr McFarlane said

"I am sure that Alison will build on the considerable achievements
and excitement that has been created around and our strategic
alliances," he said.

For media enquiries, contact:

Paul Edwards 
Head of Group Media Relations 
Tel: 03-9273 6955 or 0409-655 550 (mobile)