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Daily Share Buy-Back Notice

Document date:  Tue 16 Jan 2001
Published:  Tue 16 Jan 2001 09:34:28
Document No:  172173
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N
Classification:  Daily Share Buy-Back Notice


HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     


                     Appendix 3E
                     Daily sh"e buy-back notice

                                                                                                              R1111 -3. 9/4
                                                     Appendix 3E

                                          Daily share buy-back notice

                     Name of entity                                                            ACN or ARBN
                     Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited                           005 357 522

                     Austa alia and New Zealand Banking Gi oup Limited gives ASA the following infiminatam:

                     Information about buy-back

                     1@  Type of buy-back

                     Z   Date Append x 3C was g van to ASX/ASIC   27 Albil 2000

                     Total of all shares bought back, or in relation to which acceptances have
                     been received, before, and on, previous day

                                                                  Before previous day           Previous day

                     I   Number of shares bought back or if buy-back
                         s an equal access scheme, in relation to      57,711.966                    835,000
                         which acceptances have been received

                         shares                                                                   $11,843,306.00
                     4@  Total consideration paid or payable for the

                                                                                                    Amsmdo, 3E Pap, I

                       Appendix 3E
                       Daily fill buy-back notice

                                                                         Before previous day                 Previous day

                       5@  If buy-back is an on-market buy-back          I I igll p, ice paid          I lighest p, ice paid
                                                                         $14,99                        $14@24
                                                                         date IM2/00
                                                                                                       Loweal price paid
                                                                         L,wesa price paid             $14M
                                                                         date 4/5,00                   I ligheal price allowed
                                                                                                       malcamle T33

                       Participation by directors

                       &   If buy-back is an on-market buy-back - name
                           of each director and -related party of a director
                           from whom the company bought back shares                                 N/A
                           on the previous day, the number of shares
                           which the company bought back from each
                           named director or @related party, and the
                           consideration payable for those shares

                       How many shares may still be bought back?

                       T   If the company has disclosed an intention to
                           buybackamaximumnumberofshares the
                           remaining number of shares to be bought back                           26,453.034

                       Compliance statement

                       1,  The company is in compliance with all Corporations Law requirements relevant to this buy-back.
                       2,  There is no information that the listing rules require to be disclosed that has not already been
                           disclosed, or is not contained in, or attached to, this form.

                       Sign here:                                                 16 January 2001

                       Officer:       Secretary

                       Name:         Peter j Mathews

                                                                                                               App,ndi, 3E Pan, 2

                 Appendix 3E
                 Daily shine buy-back notice

                                                                                        App,,di, 3E Ng, 3