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Notification of Prosposed Interim Results Reporting Format

Document date:  Thu 19 Apr 2001
Published:  Thu 19 Apr 2001 19:43:24
Document No:  175770
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N
Classification:  Periodic Reports - Other


HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

In July 2000, ANZ announced a strategy based on Specialisation,
eTransformation and Growth, with a key feature being to reconceive
ANZ as a portfolio of specialist businesses.

As part of ANZ's commitment to market leading disclosure practices,
we gave an undertaking to release financial information for each of
the specialist businesses commencing in the first half 2001.

On 26 April 2001, ANZ will announce its interim profit, and will
disclose financial information for 16 business units (17 at the full
year following the split of General Banking into Metrobanking and
Regionalbanking). The reduction from 21 businesses originally
described in ANZ's July 2000 strategy is due to:

* combining Technology and Utilities with other central functions for
reporting purposes

* devolving Payments to the relevant specialist businesses

* our B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses being integrated back into our
"traditional" businesses to maximise the opportunities that eCommerce

* the decision not to proceed with the OCBC joint venture in Asia

To assist market participants in preparing for their analysis and
understanding what disclosures ANZ will make in its Interim Results
we have attached a number of draft pro forma examples of what we will
be reporting:

* Attachment 1 - to enable an accurate comparison of the first half
result with historical results, ANZ will separately disclose results
from continuing operations, discontinued operations and net prior
period abnormals

* Attachment 2 - summary page detailing results for each of the 16
business units, and each of the business portfolios (Personal,
Corporate, International & Subsidiaries)

* Attachment 3 - financial information as previously provided for
each of the three business portfolios (Personal, Corporate,
International & Subsidiaries)

* Attachment 4 - for each individual business unit, ANZ will report
summary profit and loss information, a number of relevant ratios, Net
specific provisions, Net non-accrual loans, and total employees