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Media Release: ANZ reaches major Year 2000 milestones

Document date:  Wed 13 Jan 1999
Published:  Wed 13 Jan 1999 00:00:00
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today announced that Year 2000 repair and individual testing of
ANZ'S own software applications and core technology platforms had
been completed.

ANZ Chief Information Officer, Mr David Boyles said: "ANZ's
preparations for the Year 2000 are on track and ANZ's own systems
have been successfully tested in line Mc with the British Standards
Institution's Year 2000 Readiness Standard."

"ANZ's Year 2000 Project has already undertaken over 500 person years
of effort and the completion of internal repair and testing had been
achieved on budget and ahead of schedule, which was a tribute to the
staff involved," Mr Boyles said.

The testing has included ANZ's new Commercial Banking System (CBS)
for international sites. This system has been successfully
implemented in 13 countries and will be implemented in a further
three countries by April 1999 in readiness for Year 2000.

ANZ will now proceed with end-to-end testing across applications in
the Year 2000 environment including testing with other financial
institutions. This testing should ensure that, for example, a
transaction initiated by a customer at one financial institution's
ATM will be successfully executed across all the, various networks
and interfaces to its destination. End-to-end testing is expected to
be complete by the end of June 1999.

ANZ's other Year 2000 preparations are also progressing well. ANZ has
completed investigations for all third-party provided products,
Compliant versions, where necessary, have been obtained or committed
to, and testing is well advanced. ANZ is continuing to work with
customers in reviewing their Year 2000 preparations.

With some minor (vendor-related) exceptions that will be resolved by
the end of January 1999, remediation and testing have been completed
for all ANZ's critical buildings world-wide. ANZ is also continuing
to further develop and refine its Year 2000-augmented business
continuity plans.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Paul Edwards
Head of Group Media Relations