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Launches Internet Banking with 1.7m Customers Enabled

Document date:  Mon 12 Apr 1999
Published:  Mon 12 Apr 1999 00:00:00
Document No:  147443
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today launched ANZ Internet Banking, a central plank in its
strategy to deliver a wide range of personal financial services over
the internet to its 3 million customers.

From today, all of ANZ's 1.7 million Phone Banking customers have
been enabled for ANZ Internet Banking and can register by visiting
ANZ's web site ( and begin using the service immediately.
Other ANZ customers will be able to register by visiting the web site
or calling 131314.

Nearly 20% of Australian households have internet access, and by
enabling Phone Banking customers - which allows customers to use
their Customer Registration Number and Telecode to register on-line
and begin using Internet Banking within minutes - ANZ expects rapid
adoption of its internet banking service.

ANZ Internet Banking offers customers a new set of value-added
transaction services as well as meeting their traditional
requirements for account balances, funds transfers between accounts,
payment of bills and reviewing past transactions. New features

* future dated and recurring BPAY bill payments and funds transfers

* 120 day transaction history and details from credit card statements

* customisation of account names

* ability to export banking transactions to popular financial
  management software packages such as Microsoft Money or Intuit

The launch of ANZ Internet Banking follows feedback from almost
10,000 ANZ customers who have participated in a pilot service over
the last 18 months and extensive consultation on international best
practice for internet banking and trends in e-commerce.

ANZ Global Head of Personal Banking, Mr Peter Hawkins, said ANZ's
internet site already attracted almost 3 million hits per month with
customers accessing a variety of services including on-line mortgage,
credit card and small business loan applications.

"ANZ Internet Banking provides a convenient way for customers to
access a greater range of ANZ services and we will continue to add
functionality for customers, including open payments later this
year," Mr Hawkins said.

"The development of Internet Banking is an important part of ANZ's
objective to become a major player in providing e-commerce services
as an element in our strategy to significantly expand the personal
financial services business of the Group," he said.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Paul Edwards 
Head of Group Media Relations