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Supplementary Offering Circ.-Pacific Dunlop Ltd Warrants

Document date:  Thu 01 Apr 1999
Published:  Thu 01 Apr 1999 00:00:00
Document No:  147190
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N

HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     


Owing to the success of its Pacific Dunlop warrants, ANZ have
increased the issue size of its PDPWAA series of warrants
("Warrants") from 10 million to 13 million, effective 31 March 1999.

This is a Supplementary Offering Circular to the Offering Circular
dated 29 May 1998 issued by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Limited ACN 005 157 522 ("ANZ") as Warrant Issuer and ANZ Securities
Limited ACN 004 997 111 ("ANZ Securities") as Broker to the Issue
("Offering Circular") Since the terms of the Warrants and the
Offering Circular allowed for the increase in issue size of the
warrants, the new Warrants are issued on identical terms with the
initial issue of Warrants, no terms of the Warrants are varied and no
other part of the Offering Circular is affected.

Applications for Warrants may only be made on the Application Form
referred to in and attached to the Offering Circular and will be
accepted on the basis of the increased issue size stated above.
Copies of the Offering Circular and this Supplementary Offering
Circular may be obtained from ANZ Securities by calling (02) 9322

This Supplementary Offering Circular is issued by ANZ and Warrant
Issuer and ANZ Securities as Broker to the Issue for the purpose of
Australian Stock Exchange Limited Business Rules. In this
Supplementary Offering Circular unless the context otherwise
requires, definitions and interpretation rules applying to the
Offering Circular apply in this Supplementary Offering Circular. This
is not a prospectus or secondary trading notice registered or lodged
under Part 7.12 of the Corporations Law. The ASX and the ASIC take no
responsibility for the contents of this Supplementary Offering
Circular. Pacific Dunlop Limited has had no involvement in the
preparation and issue of this Supplementary Offering Circular. ANZ
(and members of the ANZ Group) may trade in shares, Warrants or other
securities generally or to hedge its position in relation to the
Warrants and other exposures. This trading may affect (positively or
negatively) the price at which the Shares or Warrants trade in the
secondary market.

Potential investors should always seek expert independent advice
relating to their own financial situation and objectives before
investing in warrants.

Signed, sealed and delivered for 
Australian and New Zealand Banking
Group Limited by its duly appointed 
attorney under Power of Attorney
9 October 1992: