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Media Release: Year 2000 preparation nears completion

Document date:  Thu 05 Aug 1999
Published:  Thu 05 Aug 1999 00:00:00
Document No:  150808
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today announced the successful completion of the last major phase
of its Year 2000 testing program - including interbank transactions,
critical third party products, critical buildings, spreadsheets and

Two years of comprehensive assessment, repair and testing has
confirmed that ANZ customer records are safe from loss due to Year
2000 issues.

ANZ Head of Technology, E-Commerce and Payments, Mr David Boyles,
said ANZ had worked hard with other banks, financial industry
regulators and a range of business customers to thoroughly test
transactions between organisations and across ANZ's own systems.

"Additional testing has confirmed that ANZ's systems supporting its
products and services will function as usual. This includes those
systems supporting transactions through the EFTPOS and ATM networks,
direct credits and debits, bill payments, phone banking and Internet
banking," Mr Boyles said.

"As with the completion of repair and testing of ANZ's own software
code at the end of 1998, we have achieved the latest milestones on
schedule and within budget," he said.

* participation in domestic payments testing with other banks and
financial industry regulators in Australia, New Zealand and the
United States 

* testing with financial industry regulators in other international 

* testing between ANZ's own applications, such as customer account 
systems, branch systems and back-office systems 

* global payments testing.

ANZ will continue to rigorously test its systems throughout the
remainder of the year and through the transition period.

"Internal testing of all critical third party software is also
complete. Non-critical products are close to completion with less
than one per cent of all non-critical products outstanding," Mr
Boyles said.

All embedded systems which ANZ owns or manages within its critical
buildings have been investigated, assessed, repaired/replaced and
tested where necessary. The same activities for non-critical
buildings are almost complete; those that are still outstanding are
mostly awaiting completion of compliance programs by building owners.

In order to protect the integrity of repaired systems, ANZ intends to
conduct final tests and introduce a 'freeze' on system changes during
the latter part of 1999 and early 2000.

ANZ is continuing to work with business customers in reviewing their
own Year 2000 preparations. ANZ is also implementing plans to
communicate ANZ's preparations to customers and other key
stakeholders. Additionally, ANZ's business continuity plans have been
enhanced to include specific Year 2000 focus.

You can find more information on ANZ's Year 2000 preparations at
ANZ's new Year 2000 web site at

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Paul Edwards