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Launches supermarket banking

Document date:  Fri 17 Apr 1998
Published:  Fri 17 Apr 1998 00:00:00
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This Saturday ANZ and Coles Supermarkets celebrate the first
anniversary of supermarket banking in three trial stores in Victoria.

Customer convenience in Victoria has taken on a whole new
significance with the advent of deregulated shopping hours, with most
Coles supermarkets in the state now open 24 hours a day seven days a
week. The changing needs of time-poor customers prompted Coles and
ANZ to introduce supermarket banking at Coles Vermont South, Sunbury
and Keilor Downs.

Three ANZ branches with fully qualified bank staff were opened in
Coles supermarkets to gauge the public reaction and demand for such a
service. The supermarket branches offer most standard branch
facilities and are open extended hours including Saturday and Sunday,

Barry Edgar, General Manager In Store Banking for ANZ, says that
customers have readily accepted and enjoyed the idea of shopping in
the supermarket environment.

"The convenience of supermarket banking has attracted customers as
they no longer have to make an additional trip to do their banking.
Customers can now apply for a loan and have access to their savings
accounts while they do their shopping," he said.

The safety of supermarket banking is also a major plus for customers,
says Vermont South Banking Manager, Hennie Pearson. "The supermarket
location is very secure and many customers feel comfortable using the
ATM in well lit, busy stores. It is also a big bonus having the bank
open on the weekend," she said.

To celebrate the first anniversary of supermarket banking, Coles
Sunbury and ANZ will be giving away a $100 gift voucher for any
approved bank loan over $5000 up until 15 August. 

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Mr Hawkins said supermarket banking had been found to be successful
overseas as other banks moved towards more convenient banking.

"In the United States supermarket banking is growing strongly and we
see parallels between the needs of US bank customers and our's," he

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ANZ today signalled a new era of banking with the launch in Victoria
of three sites for supermarket banking.

ANZ has opened banking facilities within Coles supermarkets in Keilor
Downs, Vermont South and Sunbury.

ANZ's Chief General Manager Australian Retail Division, Mr Peter
Hawkins, said ANZ had developed the project in order to provide
customers with greater options for their banking needs.

"We are excited about the possibilities we see in supermarket
banking," Mr Hawkins said.

"It will give customers the choice of where, when and how they want
to bank. It really is one-stop shopping."

ANZ's supermarket banking facilities will include an ATM, telephones
linked directly to ANZ's National Telephone Centre and touch-screen
computer information. Staff will be on hand during extended opening
hours to assist customers, and traditional services such as loan
applications, account openings, referrals to ANZ Stockbroking, ANZ
Funds Management and Esanda will also be available.

Mr Hawkins said supermarket banking would appeal to Coles customers
who wanted the convenience of extended banking hours, in practical,
safe locations.

He said supermarket banking would complement facilities offered by
existing ANZ branches.

The State Manager of Coles Supermarkets, Mr Laurie Giuseppini said
Coles was delighted to be able to offer customers another service in
the store.

"It is very exciting to see two major Australian companies working
together to provide customers with a service which is at the
forefront of new banking methods," he said.