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Announces customer charter

Document date:  Mon 17 Sep 2001
Published:  Mon 17 Sep 2001 10:55:13
Document No:  181189
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     


ANZ today announced the introduction of its first Customer Charter in
a further step towards improving the bank's value and service to

To be introduced on 1 October 2001, the ANZ Customer Charter
establishes benchmarks for the provision of service to customers in
five areas:

* Simple, fast account opening 
* Access to services 
* Privacy 
* Plain language communication 
* Complaint resolution.

One of the key features of the Charter is fee refunds for customers
should ANZ not meet the required service standards. ANZ's performance
against its promises will be independently audited by KPMG and
results will be publicly reported each year.

ANZ has also committed to expand the Charter in April 2002 to cover a
simplified transparent fee structure and waiting times relating to
branch queues and telephone calls.

ANZ Chief Executive Officer, Mr John McFarlane said the Charter was a
further step toward redressing the imbalance that developed in the
'90s between rebuilding ANZ's financial performance and its focus on
customer service.

"We know we still have a long way to go in restoring our customers'
faith in us. The Charter is not a solution but it is a starting
point. This and future versions of the Charter will specifically
tackle some of the more protracted service problems customers have
with banks," Mr McFarlane said.

"As a starting point though it formally recognises that the bank
needs to change and will take measurable action to change the way it
deals with customers," he said.

The introduction of the ANZ Customer Charter follows other customer
and community initiatives introduced earlier this year including:

* Seniors Privilege, an initiative that provides unlimited fee-free
transactions for customers aged 60 or over from their ANZ personal
transaction account.

* ANZ Access Basic, a new basic bank account which provides a simple
and affordable banking solution for Centrelink payment recipients and
health care cardholders. It offers 15 fee-free transactions including
over the counter transactions, no minimum account balance and no
monthly account-keeping fee.

Mr McFarlane said while there was a clear need to do more, the way
customers had reacted to the new initiatives had opened ANZ's eyes to
the fact customers will reward companies who focus on the customer
and the community. 

"We expected our Seniors Privilege initiative to be a real cost to
us. In fact, it's paid for itself. We have had a 27% increase in
customers over 60 and those customers are giving us more of their
business," he said.

ANZ is also close to finalising the appointment of a Senior Customer
Advocate to ensure faster resolution of customer disputes.

For media enquiries, contact:

Paul Edwards 
Telephone: 03-9273 6955 or 0409-655 550 (mobile) 

A full copy of this announcement, including ANZ Customer Service
Charter, is available for purchase from ASX Customer Service on 1 300
300 279. Charges apply.