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Media Release: Expanded Customer Charter

Document date:  Tue 07 May 2002
Published:  Tue 07 May 2002 16:47:19
Document No:  190018
Document part:  A
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today announced the expansion of its Customer Charter making ten
promises to customers as part of a further effort to restore customer
faith in banking services.

Effective today, the ANZ Customer Charter establishes benchmarks for
the provision of service to personal and small business customers
including new promises on:

* Simple accounts, fees and charges

* Quick, convenient branch banking including a target to serve
customers within five minutes of arrival and a national review of
branch opening hours

* Fast, efficient phone service including standards for maximum
waiting times when calling to speak to a customer service

* Building relationships with the community including maintenance of
ANZ's current banking presence in rural communities.

ANZ Chief Executive Officer, Mr John McFarlane said: "Queues and fees
are among our most difficult issues with customers. Acknowledging the
problems and beginning to address them is an enormous task.

"I know there is still a long way to go to restore customers' faith
in us but we are very serious about making a difference. The expanded
Charter is another tangible action we are taking toward putting
customers first and beginning to achieve a real balance between the
interests of shareholders, staff, customers and the community.

"It's only when we achieve this balance that we will be able to stand
up and be truly proud of our achievements as a company," Mr McFarlane

ANZ has also disclosed its performance over the past six months
against service standards established in its October 2001 Customer
Charter (see attachment). The performance indicates:

* strong adherence to account opening standards, however delays in
answering home loan applications resulted in more than $10,000 being
paid to customers in compensation

* 24-hour, seven-day service targets for access to ATMs, phone banking
and internet banking consistently achieved

* resolution of most customer complaints within ten days.

In future, ANZ's performance against the Customer Charter will be
independently audited by KPMG and reported on each year to provide
public accountability for Charter promises.

Mr McFarlane commented that performance against the October 2001
Charter was credible and progress was being made to deal more
effectively with complex customer complaints.

"We have created a new independent and senior position of Customer
Advocate to ensure satisfactory resolution of customer issues and
complaints. Bill Robinson, formerly the Chief Executive Officer of
the Legal Practice Board of Victoria, has joined ANZ in that role
this week," he said.

The expanded ANZ Customer Charter includes other customer and
community initiatives introduced earlier in the last year including
fee-free transaction banking for over 60s and Commonwealth Health
Card Holders in 2001 and lower cost personal banking accounts in

For media enquiries, contact:

Paul Edwards
Head of Group Media Relations
Telephone: 03-9273 6955 or 0409-655 550 (mobile)



Customer Charter Promise               Performance         Penalty
                                         (%)               payments to

Personal Banking 
New accounts available within 24 hours      99.99%            $18
                                                         (3 instances)

Personal Loans 
Answer standard applications within 
1 working day                               99.99%            $10
                                                         (1 instances)

Home loans 
Answer standard applications within 
2 working days                              98.72%         $10,516
                                                     (1,111 instances)

Car Loans 
Answer standard applications within 
1 working day                                 100%           Nil

* ANZ will refund one month's standard fee or its equivalent if it 
does not meet customer service standards included in this promise.


Month           ATM              Phone Banking        Internet Banking
                Target - 98%     Target - 98%           Target - 99% 
                available        available            available

October 2001    98.21            99.87                99.80
November 2001   98.29            99.45                98.86
December 2001   98.39            99.74                99.65
January 2002    98.83            99.74                99.74
February 2002   99.99            99.93                99.99
March 2002      99.28            99.75                99.18


Month            Average days to resolve              % over 10 days -
                 complaints                       requiring additional
                 Target - 10 days maximum               information 

October 2001             5.23                              2%
November 2001            4.40                             17%
December 2001            4.55                             17%
January 2002             5.22                             23%
February 2002            4.79                             12%
March 2002               4.22                             21%

* Overall, approximately 3,000 complaints are received each month.