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ECOs` ann:ANZ Offers JFAX Unified Messaging Serv On Line

Document date:  Thu 24 Feb 2000
Published:  Thu 24 Feb 2000 00:00:00
Document No:  202454
Document part:  A
Market Flag:  N

E.COM GLOBAL LIMITED                          2000-02-24  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Sydney                                                        

Regional communications company e.Com Global has signed an agreement
with the ANZ to offer their JFAX Unified Messaging service to the
bank's online customers.

"e.Com and will share revenue from the arrangement - e.Com
will pay a small upfront fee for each ANZ customer who signs up for
the JFAX servi0
ce and an ongoing profit sharing arrangement has been
reached for the life of the those accounts which are generated as a
result of ANZ's online promotion of the JFAX service," Managing
Director Alex Koszo said today.

"e.Com will create a special web site to be linked to for
customers with a specific offer appealing to the online banking
community," he said.

"e.Com is pleased to be able to offer ANZ online bankers the
opportunity to further increase their "c" capabi0
lity by integrating
their fax and phone communication into their existing email
infrastructure. This agreement is a prime example how the banking
industry can launch into the telecommunication market, by acting as a
portal for enhanced telecom services rather than just being involved
in banking related communication technologies," he said.

"This important alliance represents another strategic move by E.Com
to dramatically increase both the installed base and the business
file of the Jfax range of products in Australia," Mr Koszo said.

"This arrangement is only the beginning of our relationship with the
ANZ - the first of many new initiatives e.Com will announce in coming
weeks and months."

For further information please contact Chris Monsour, Head of
Marketing of e.COM Global Limited on 02 9460 7311.