Clearing and Settlement of Cash Equities in Australia

Services for Approved Market Operators

Trade Acceptance Service

ASX’s Trade Acceptance Service (TAS) provides non-discriminatory access to clearing and settlement arrangements for Approved Market Operators (AMOs).  The TAS enables trades in CHESS eligible ASX quoted or CHESS eligible non-ASX quoted financial products executed on any Australian licensed trading platform to be cleared and settled by ASX Clear and ASX Settlement in an identical fashion to trades executed on ASX’s own cash equity market.

Standard access is currently provided to Chi-X Australia under the TAS.

If you are interested in being provided with the TAS, please contact Katie McDermott, General Manager Post Trade and Issuer Services Operations, on +61 2 9227 0161 or

Contractual framework and service fees

The TAS is made available to AMOs in accordance with a published set of contractual terms of service, which include fees for the TAS, and operational and technical standards. The contractual terms of service were updated on 3 September 2015 to allow the clearing and settlement of CHESS eligible non-ASX quoted financial products in addition to CHESS eligible ASX quoted financial products.

There is an initial application fee of $10,000 (excluding GST) for the TAS.

Further information on the term of the TAS Legal Terms and the review process for the TAS Legal Terms can be viewed here.  The Operational and Technical Standards applicable to the TAS is available here.

The Operational Procedures for Approved Market Operators Using ASX Settlement and Issuer Administration Services are available here.

Access procedures for AMOs and application forms

Procedures for Access Requests by AMOs can be viewed here.

The access procedures set out the processes and timeframes for ASX to respond to new customer enquiries for standard services under the TAS and customer requests for the enhancement or expansion of the TAS.

The access procedures also provide an overview of the TAS service monitoring and the Information Handling Standard for the protection of AMO competitively sensitive information that may be acquired by ASX Clear and ASX Settlement in the provision of the TAS.

An Application Form for an AMO seeking to put in place clearing and settlement arrangements under the TAS is available here.

A Change Request Application Form for existing or prospective customers requesting an enhancement to the standard TAS is available here.