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ASX provides a pool of resources from research to education to assist you with your investment decisions.


ASX 24 volumes and market dynamics  
ASX 24 volumes and market dynamics - September 2016  Download
Bonds (Government and corporate bonds)  
Understanding Bonds Download
Taxation treatment of Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds Download
Exchange-traded AGB factsheet Download
Cash Equity Market Dynamics  
ASX Annual Cash Equity Market Dynamics January 2013 Download
Overview of CHESS Download
The transition to T+2 settlement Download
Understanding CHESS depository interest Download
CHESS brochure order form Download
Index derivatives  
ASX SPI 200 futures Download
Taxation treatment of futures contracts Download
S&P/ASX metals and mining gold indices Download
S&P/ASX emerging companies index Download
Buy write strategy Download
S&P/ASX 200 VIX Download
Interest rate derivatives  
90 day bank accepted bill futures and options Download
Packs and bundles on 90 day bank accepted bill futures Download
3 and 10 year Australian Treasury bond futures and options Download
20 year Australian Treasury bond futures Download
One session options on Australian 3 and 10 year treasury bond futures Download
Q&A for one session options on futures Download
30 day interbank cash rate futures and options Download
90 day New Zealand bank bill futures and options Download
Hybrid securities  
Understanding hybrid securities Download
Options - a simple guide Download
Understanding options trading Download
Buy-write encyclopaedia - August 2012 Download
Options strategies Download
Differences between options and warrants Download
Index options Download
Options - margin lending Download
Margins Download
Taxation treatment of options Download
Taxation franking credit eligibility paper Download
Understanding options trading - index option update Download
Explanatory note for options adjustments Download
Buy-write factsheet Download
Daily settlement price methodology Download
Understanding low exercise price options Download
Getting started in shares - March 2016 Download
Australian share price movements chart Download
Understanding trading and investment warrants Download
Instalment warrants - getting started Download
Instalment warrants - cash extraction Download
Instalment warrants - dividend yield play Download
Instalment warrants - investment strategies within SMSFs Download
What are the differences between options and warrants? Download
Taxation treatment of warrants Download
Issuer contact list Download