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Investment talks 2011

View presentations from industry experts on issues related to sharemarket investing.

These presentations are suitable for people of all ages and across all levels of investor experience. Below you will find audio, video and slides from ASX 2011 events.

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European freeze or summer sun?

Photo of Janu Chan

Janu Chan, St George Bank

St George Economist, Janu Chan is a new presenter for Investor Hour and she has come well prepared. In this thorough and well researched presentation she explains the issues confronting Europe and provides some interesting facts along the way. Janu also discusses the prospects for China, America and our own economy.

Recorded - Tue 13 December 2011.

Bull or Bear? When to reinvest

Photo of Jim Berg

Jim Berg, author

Jim Berg uses a mix of technical and fundamental analysis to make his investment decisions. In this presentation Jim explains his seven criteria for stock selection and then applies these principles by looking at charts across a range of companies.

Recorded - Wed 7 December 2011.

Value investing in volatile times

Photo of John Abernethy

John Abernethy, Clime

Where does the Chief Investment Officer of Clime put his money? Listen to John Abernethy’s view on macro themes for the Australian sharemarket and the fundamentals of specific companies.

Recorded - Tue 22 November 2011.

Investing in volatile times

Photo of Julia Lee

Julia Lee, Bell Direct

Are we in a secular or cyclical bear market? Why does this matter for our investment strategy and what does it mean for assessing whether prices are currently good value. Stocks look cheap but will they get cheaper? Julia answers all these questions in a clear and well prepared presentation. She will also talk to you about strategies for boosting your investment yields via ETFs and corporate bonds. One to watch.

Recorded - Wed 2 November 2011.

The ETF revolution and the new macro approach to investing

David Bassanese image

David Bassanese, Pennywise Investments

A comprehensive presentation from an ETF expert. David Bassanese begins with an easy to understand explanation of how ETFs work. He then moves onto managing orders when buying and selling before discussing the range of products available. Very worthwhile for those serious about investing in ETFs.

Recorded - Thu 20 October 2011.

Building wealth through shares

Photo of Colin Nicholson

Colin Nicholson, independent trader

Colin sees value in the market, expects a recovery and believes we should be preparing ourselves by identifying buying opportunities. Colin believes in investing rather than speculating and likes stocks that make a profit and pay dividends. Listen to this presentation to hear about his checklist.

Recorded - Wed 5 October 2011.

Let's talk stocks

Photo of Elio D'Amato

Elio D'Amato, CEO, Lincoln

Elio uses the popular Lincoln presentation format - providing an overview of the market before giving specific commentary on stocks nominated by the audience. Hear what Lincoln thinks about Cochlear, Qantas, Westfield, AMP, Transfield, QBE and Macquarie Group. Elio makes some interesting observations on what is confronting Europe and America and argues that culture will play a significant role in how they fare economically.

Recorded - Tue 20 September 2011.

Timing the market for success

Photo of Alan Hull

Alan Hull, author

Alan Hull is a leading expert on the Australian share market and author of several books. Market conditions rarely stay the same for long. There’s a time to buy shares, a time to sell, a time to hedge your portfolio and sometimes buying gold bullion might be the best option. The trick is knowing which tactic to apply at what time. This is what Alan shows you in this presentation.

Recorded - Wed 7 September 2011.

Advantages and pitfalls of infrastructure investment

Photo of Dennis Eagar

Dennis Eagar, Magellan Asset Management

Some people might regard infrastructure investing as safe and boring because of the consistency of the return but it is increasingly popular in volatile markets. Dennis Eager has been actively involved in investing in the infrastructure sector for decades. He delivers a thorough presentation for anyone considering portfolio diversification into infrastructure both domestically and globally.

Recorded - Tue 16 August 2011.

When to sell

Photo of Roger Montgomery

Roger Montgomery, Value.Able

A popular market saying is you haven't made a profit to you sell. Roger Montgomery is a firm believer in assessing the intrinsic value of a company when making investment decisions. Today he sets out 5 rules for when you should sell and discusses the perils of ignoring value considerations.

Recorded - Wed 3 August 2011.

Right tactics at the right time

Photo of Alan Hull

Alan Hull,

Alan Hull believes that Australia is a melting pot influenced by both China and America. The American market has been strong but China has been drifting. Australia needs both markets to move in the same direction to determine our future. Alan sets out some principles for asset allocation based on scenarios of a break out up or down.

Recorded - Tue 19 July 2011.

Realities of the sharemarket

Photo of Dale Gillham

Dale Gillham, Wealth Within

Dale Gillham is a successful fund manager and educator. He believes historical patterns can be identified and can assist our investment decisions. Dale identifies some major bull and bear cycles and their duration. He thinks the current cycles are of shorter duration which should influence what we buy and how long we hold.

Recorded - Wed 6 July 2011.

Stocks to watch

Photo of Jeremy Hook

Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital

Jeremy Hook at TMS Capital has developed a track record over the past three years of making strong calls on a number of ASX listed stocks. In this special return appearance, he will be revisiting his past selections and looking forward for future market developments.

Recorded - Tue 21 June 2011.

Hot stocks for the new financial year

Photo of Tim Lincoln

Tim Lincoln, Lincoln Indicators

Tim Lincoln is a popular investor hour speaker because he explains his investment principles simply via his 9 golden rules. Tim lists his current favourite stocks and applies his investment benchmarks to them. Tim also talks about some of the stocks he suggests you avoid.

Recorded - Wed 1 June 2011.

Stocks that consistently beat the market

Photo of Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FNArena

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck takes an 'outside looking in' approach to investing in Australian stocks. He argues that Australian investing is driven not by the resources boom but by dividends. And when it comes to dividend investing Rudi provides an argument as to why BHP is a better income stock than Telstra.

Recorded - Tue 17 May 2011.

Hidden gems in small stocks

Photo of Boyd Peters

Boyd Peters and Bill Laister, Contango

Boyd Peters provides an easy to follow explanation of the benefits of investing in microcap stocks and what you should look for. His colleague Bill Laister follows with a detailed run through of a range of micro cap stocks that Contango have looked into recently and what they like about those stocks.

Recorded - Wed 4 May 2011.

Portfolio construction and stocks to watch

Photo of Julia Lee

Julia Lee, Bell Direct

Julia Lee provides an easy to follow introductory presentation on how you can achieve diversification in your portfolio so that you reduce risk without undermining reward. Julia also discusses stock valuations, typical portfolio types and specific stocks.

Recorded - Tue 12 April 2011.

The sharemarket outlook

Photo of David Cassidy

David Cassidy, UBS

David provides a comprehensive top down view from leading investment bank UBS. David regards equities as the preferred asset of class of choice globally and considers Aussie stocks to be pretty good value.

Recorded - Wed 6 April 2011.

The New Normal: Outlook for shares in 2011

Craig James, Chief Economist, CommSec

Craig James, CommSec

Craig James provides his insightful and entertaining macro economic overview for the year ahead. Craig dissects the data and helps make sense of the investment landscape for you this coming year.

Recorded - Tue 15 March 2011 at Syd ASX Investor Hour.

Big investment themes you must get right

Photo of Ross Greenwood

Ross Greenwood, Nine Network's Finance editor

Ross is well known to many people as the Nine Network's business and finance editor and the host of radio MTR's Money News program. Ross explores themes familiar to many investors: terms of trade, energy prices, population trends and the sectors that this affects as well as where the infrastructure dollars are being spent.

Recorded - Wed 2 March 2011 at Melb ASX Investor Hour.

Equity market outlook

Photo of Dean Dusanic

Dean Dusanic, UBS

Dean gives us a good news and a bad news story. In the short to medium term the sharemarket looks attractive with the market PE historically low, valuations still low and earnings recovering. In the longer term excessive Western Government debt, particularly US government debt will have a number of consequences.

Recorded - Tue 15 February 2011 at Syd ASX Investor Hour.

Economic outlook for 2011

Photo of Saul Eslake

Saul Eslake, Grattan Institute

Kicking off investor hour in Melbourne in 2011 was widely respected economist Saul Eslake. Saul discusses the world economy, risks to the global economy, and the impact of all of these factors on the sharemarket and what strategies investors should be considering.

Recorded - Wed 2 February 2011.

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