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Investment videos 2012

Investment videos 2012

View presentations from industry experts on issues related to sharemarket investing.

These presentations are suitable for people of all ages and across all levels of investor experience. Below you will find audio, video and slides from ASX 2012 events.

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Juliana Roadley, CommSec

What is the Santa Claus effect? What is the outlook for commodity prices and how might the next Federal election affect next year’s market? Juliana Roadley talks about these things as well as discussing 6 stocks that CommSec believe will be good stocks for your Christmas stocking.

Recorded - Thu 13 December 2012.

Nerida Cole, Dixon Advisory

By the end of Nerida Cole's presentation you should have a good idea of whether you would like to set up an SMSF, how to go about setting one up and what you need to be careful about.

Recorded - Tue 4 December 2012.

Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital

As a regular presenter, Jeremy reflects on his track record of stock reviews. In this session he also introduces a couple of interesting mid-cap stocks for you to research this festive season.

Recorded - Fri 23 November 2012.

Paul Martin, RBS Morgans

Paul Martin delivers a presentation for people starting out in investing or those who want to review the basics. It touches all the bases in terms of portfolio construction and the trade-off between risk and reward. Paul explains there is a lot more on offer these days which means you can achieve diversification and reduce some of that exposure to Aussie banks and miners that Aussie investors seem to like so much.

Recorded - Tue 30 October 2012.

Tony Rumble, BetaShares

Can Commodity ETFs improve performance and lower risk? Tony Rumble runs through the numbers. More experienced investors will find this a different approach to creating a diversified portfolio.

Recorded - Mon 22 October 2012.

Allan Trench, WA mining expert

Respected WA mining expert and academic Allan Trench (UWA/Curtin) gives us a highly practical presentation for those interested in resource stocks. He discusses the outlook for the full range of minerals, how you can mitigate risk and assess value in the exploration sector and what to take into account when forming a view on commodity prices.

Recorded - Wed 3 October 2012.

Elmer Funke Kupper, CEO, ASX

Elmer Funke Kupper (ASX CEO) talks about the Australian sharemarket, high frequency trading and dark pools – who it affects and who it doesn't, as well as what is being done to foster small to mid-cap companies.

Recorded - Tue 18 September 2012.

Ivor Ries, Wilson HTM

Internet stocks are now mainstream and should be a consideration for your portfolio. Ivor Ries points out that online stocks are growing at 3-4 times GDP, have low capital expenditure needs and high dividend growth. Ivor provides suggestions on how you should approach investing in this growth sector.

Recorded - Tue 28 August 2012.

Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Funds Management

Roger Montgomery discovers you can beat the index and index funds. He uncovers the steps required to ensure only A1 businesses are included in your portfolio and you will learn why intrinsic values are so important when it comes to the long-term goal of beating the market.

Recorded - Tue 21 August 2012.

Sam Henderson, Henderson Maxwell

Sam Henderson is an expert on strategies for SMSFs. In this presentation Sam discusses ways to boost your super and reduce your tax. Sam also talks tactics - how you can invest for volatile times based on your risk profile.

Recorded - Thu 9 August 2012.

George Boubouras, UBS

George Boubouras provides us with a sense of perspective on the current status of domestic and global markets. George presents a range of options for our investment portfolios and concludes by sharing some of UBS's sample portfolios such as defensive and aggressive dividend optimisation.

Recorded - Tue 24 July 2012.

Carl Daffy, formerly of Wilson HTM

Tony Featherstone talks to Carl Daffy, Senior Investment Adviser, formerly at Wilson HTM, who gives his view on where the Australian sharemarket is headed, how investors should position their portfolios over the next 12 months and outlines some of his favourite stocks.

Recorded - Tue 26 June 2012.

Craig James, Commsec

Craig James, Chief Economist for Commsec is constantly criss-crossing the country and gives us his insight into how the big issues are playing out on the ground. Craig is one of our best presenters and you should enjoy this wide ranging discussion.

Recorded - Mon 25 June 2012.

Andrew Page, Team Invest

Andrew is a new presenter to the Investor Hour program and delivers a very engaging approach to value investing. Focusing on earnings per share as a key metric, Andrew explores companies that he sees value in.

Recorded - Tue 19 June 2012.

Elio D’Amato, Lincoln

In a typically engaging presentation CEO Elio D'Amato explains the score card Lincoln uses in assessing the quality of companies. Elio D'Amato is bullish on equities for the second half-year and European uncertainty notwithstanding he anticipates some good gains could be had. Elio explains his reasons for this optimism.

Recorded - Wed 6 June 2012.

Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital

Jeremy Hook discusses the stocks he recommended last year and how they have performed. Some good news and some not so good. He also discusses a range of securities that he believes are worth looking at. Rather than just ordinary shares these securities include some unusual additional features to make them attractive. It’s an interesting presentation.

Recorded - Tue 15 May 2012.

Roger Montgomery, Skaffold

While many investors focus solely on price Roger Montgomery, like Warren Buffett selects his stocks, to buy or to sell, by comparing their current price to the value he ascribes to them. Roger's presentations are always clear and engaging. He will explain his value principles, the technology he uses to filter stocks and then talk about some stocks he currently likes…and some he doesn't.

Recorded - Wed 2 May 2012.

Ross Greenwood, Nine Network

Well known finance commentator Ross Greenwood covers a wide range of topics from the mining boom, house prices, the dollar and population trends. Ross discusses online versus bricks and mortar retailing plus the new phenomenon of bulk buying Costco. And apparently if we haven’t got a smart phone and not taking advantage of the efficiencies of new technology it's time to get with it.

Recorded - Tue 17 April 2012.

Scott Pape and Michael Kemp

If you know little about the benefits of compounding in boosting your returns this is a great presentation. Scott Pape and Michael Kemp go back to the basics and provide real life practical examples of how compounding can benefit investors in a range of age groups.

Recorded - Wed 7 March 2012.

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