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Helpful Tools for ASX-listed Companies

This article appeared in the December 2011 edition of the Listed @ ASX newsletter.

ASX investor relations initiatives prove popular – and more are coming in 2012.


In March 2011, ASX launched two new investor relations initiatives, ASX IR Intelligence and Corporate Profile. They expanded the existing suite of ASX investor relations products and services specifically designed for listed companies. Below is an update on these two initiatives and also a brief overview of what ASX is planning for investor relations in 2012.

1. ASX IR Intelligence

Launched in March 2011, ASX IR Intelligence is an initiative between ASX and Orient Capital that delivers a suite of online investor relations products for ASX-listed companies. The first tool available through ASX IR Intelligence is a module called miraqle shares, which is delivered through Orient Capital’s miraqle platform. Drawing data feeds directly from the ASX, miraqle shares provides companies with the ability to view, analyse, compare and download market data on the trading activity of individual shares, sectors and indices.

It enables companies to compare their performance to peers or indices, view ASX announcements and package the information into a board report through the reporting module called sharepac for any customised period. It is available at no cost to ASX-listed companies and effectively builds on and replaces the ASX Security Activity Report.

To date more than 1300 ASX-listed companies have registered to access miraqle shares. The feedback from those companies has been extremely positive.

  • “[miraqle shares] is a valuable tool for monitoring information for all listed companies. To be able to identify trading activity over a number of time periods by broker and view comparative peer behaviour is a useful support for boards, CEOs and senior management.” (ASX-listed resources company).
  • “[miraqle shares] is a great timesaver, being able to access much of the market information I need daily on one database.” (ASX-listed utilities company).

Further information about the initiative can be viewed at

Please visit to ensure you register your company and receive your login details for free.

2. Corporate Profile

Also launched in March 2011, Corporate Profile is an investor relations initiative between ASX and Boardroom Radio (BRR). It enables the CEO or another senior executive of an ASX-listed company to record a short video interview about their background and experiences, their company’s operations and growth plans. The video is distributed on a wide range of channels, including the ASX website and BRR’s distribution network, which includes The Australian online. These videos will also feature on the new ASX-branded YouTube Channel and Facebook page when these sites become live in late 2011/early 2012, thereby capitalising on the popularity of social media and further extending the potential reach to retail investors.

All ASX-listed companies can record a Corporate Profile video for $1500 (a substantial discount to current market rates).

This initiative is designed to assist listed companies increase their profile in the investment community by telling their story and allowing investors to put a face to the senior executive(s) running the company on a day-to-day basis. To date, more than 90 ASX-listed companies have signed up to record a Corporate Profile video, with 56 currently live on the ASX website. Their feedback has been positive:

  • “Bow Energy continually looks for innovative ways to communicate to our stakeholders; the Corporate Profile allows us to engage them in a more personal way.”  (Andrew Barber, Investor Relations Manager, Bow Energy Limited).
  • “The Corporate Profile video is a useful addition to Australian Power & Gas’ suite of investor communication tools. It was quick and easy to produce at a reasonable cost, with BRR’s usual high level of expertise and personal attention. The Corporate Profile video enjoys a high profile on our company page on the ASX website.”  (James Myatt, CEO, Australia Power & Gas Company Limited).
  • “The ASX Corporate Profile videos are a great initiative as they give companies a succinct way of providing an overview of their businesses to current and prospective investors. We know from direct feedback that investors are taking the time to view the videos online and finding them a beneficial tool.”  (Campbell Baird, CEO, Focus Minerals Ltd).

You can view a list of ASX-listed companies that have recorded a Corporate Profile video here.

Further information about the initiative can be viewed at Visit this site if you would like to record a video and complete the email request form.

What’s next?
Investor relations is an important tool in building the profile of a company, fostering relationships with investors and minimising the cost of raising capital. In recognition of this important role, ASX is committed to expanding its investor relations products and services. The key objective is to assist listed companies in gaining access to some simple but effective investor relations tools and techniques, regardless of the company’s size, sector or resources.

In 2012, ASX will aim to introduce new investor relations products and services that promote price discovery, access to capital and liquidity, as it continues to expand the suite of products and services aimed at listed companies. Further details of these initiatives will be available in due course.

Further information on the current suite of investor relations products and services available to ASX-listed companies can be obtained on the ASX website.

More information
Do not hesitate to call or email if your company wants more information on miraqle shares, Corporate Profile or any other ASX investor relations initiative. Phone (02) 9227 0478 or email Brooke Penfold, Manager, ECM Development, ASX, at


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