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Proposed Changes for Corporate Announcement Capture and Delivery

This article appeared in the December 2011 edition of the Listed @ ASX newsletter.

A streamlined system that better links ASX-listed entities to information users will help ASX deliver a more efficient and timely information service.


ASX wants to improve the capture and delivery of corporate information from listed entities by streamlining the lodgement of corporate-action announcements.

Simply put, the proposed change will provide a straight-through electronic solution from the listed entity to the information user, in turn helping ASX deliver a more efficient, accurate, consistent and timely information service.

 • This video by Eloise Wett, ASX General Manager, Business Planning and Interactive Services, explains the proposed change and more information is available here.

• This flow chart provides a high-level view and explanation of the proposed process.
This important initiative will affect ASX-listed entities, financial intermediaries, institutional and retail investors, and other information providers and users. It will also affect how more than 110,000 announcements each year are lodged and distributed to market participants.

Listed entities will find it easier to lodge corporate-action announcements and end-users will receive this information faster. This diagram shows the main benefits to different stakeholders:

The proposal is part of ASX’s broader strategy to improve data and digital efficiencies, and provide world-class information services.

ASX is eager to involve industry participants on this proposal and ensure all stakeholders benefit. ASX will form a small working group of industry representatives and give all stakeholders an opportunity to comment through an industry-wide consultation process.

More information on the working group and consultation process will be provided in due course. The proposal is currently at an early stage.

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