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The ASX Spotlight Series provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase your entity's investment potential at specifically targeted investor conferences. ASX and the international desks of ASX Broker Participants have come together to deliver a series of international investor events designed to showcase Australian listed entities. The aim is to make these events as inclusive as possible, whilst ensuring there is a match between the investment profiles of the entities attending and the investment demands of the international institutional attendees.

Presentations are made by each entity's CEO or CFO and are supplemented by one-on-one meetings throughout the program. These meetings enable highly targeted conversations to occur between institutional investors and your entity’s management.

Upcoming International Conferences

27 May, 2014
Location: Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

29 May, 2014
Location: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore

More information about ASX Spotlight Asia

Equity Research Scheme

ASX is expanding the ASX Equity Research Scheme for a further 12 months, with funding doubled to $2 million and with the participation of more research providers (17), covering more companies (approximately 1,314). 

In FY13, ASX provided $1 million to fund a successful 12-month trial of the Scheme involving 1,244 companies and 12 research providers. Participating companies were reported to have improved their relations with analysts, with more than half of the companies receiving coverage beyond the initial research provided during the trial. Within that period, approximately 62% of participating companies experienced a rise in the turnover of their securities, compared to the previous corresponding period. 

The expanded ASX Equity Research Scheme provides the following:

  • Institutional report - companies with a market capitalisation between $200 million and $1 billion.  Thirteen licensed market participants to each produce three standard institutional reports, over a 12 month period, with analysis and commentary covering approximately 38 companies in total (18 in the trial) as chosen by the market participants.
  • Retail report - companies with a market capitalisation between $50 million and $200 million.  Twelve licensed market participants to produce three standard retail research reports, over a 12 months period, with analysis and commentary on approximately 77 companies in total (26 in the trial) as chosen by the market participants.
  • Company snapshot report - companies with a market capitalisation below $50 million.  Produced and updated daily by Morningstar Australia for all eligible companies (approximately 1,200). 

A list of participating companies and research providers can be viewed here.

As reports are published, the research providers contact details and the company/s they are writing research on can be viewed here.

If you are a listed entity or a research provider and would like further information, please contact:

Rebecca Tse
Business Development Manager, Issuer Services 
Telephone: +61 2 9227 0975

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