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ASX Shareholder Analytics

Shareholder analytics is a fundamental tool of investor relations - it allows companies to understand, analyse, utilise and influence the composition of their share register. This can be critical in activities such as capital raising, corporate activity and in ensuring support for proposals.
ASX has partnered with Orient Capital to give listed entities access to miraqle markets and miraqle reporting - modules of Orient Capital’s miraqle suite of shareholder analytics products and services. miraqle markets provides access to information about trading in your securities, allowing benchmarking against peer groups and indices, while miraqle reporting facilitates export of the information for board and other reporting purposes.

How do I access miraqle markets and miraqle reporting?

Visit to register your company and users. Shortly thereafter, you will be emailed your login details (username and password) by Orient Capital.
Using your login details, access miraqle through:
If you are already a miraqle subscriber, you will automatically have access to miraqle markets when you next log in.
Any questions about accessing miraqle should be directed to Orient Capital (see below).

Further information

For more information about miraqle (including miraqle access issues, information about additional miraqle modules and subscription to them) contact:

Orient Capital
T: +61 2 8280 6000

To find out about ASX support and services for listed entities contact:

Giri Tenneti, Manager, Issuer Services
Australian Securities Exchange Limited
T: +61 2 9227 0478

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