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Listing guides and factsheets

Listing guides

IPO: the road to growth and opportunity
IPO: the road to growth and opportunity (Chinese)
A Guide to Listing in Australia by DLA Piper
A Guide to Listing in Australia by DLA Piper (Chinese)
A simple guide to listing debt on ASX


Technology and Telecommunications Sector Profile
Healthcare and Biotechnology Sector Profile
Metals and Mining Sector Profile
Energy Sector Profile
Latin America Mining Projects

New Zealand factsheets

Dual Listing guide for New Zealand Companies
Australian Institutional Investor Survey for New Zealand Companies

Life Science code

ASX in conjunction with AusBiotech has recently updated The Code of Best Practice For Reporting by Life Science Companies. The Code is designed to bridge the "information gap" between the Life Science industry and investors by providing a disclosure framework that identifies the key drivers of value for Life Science companies and gives guidance to companies on the information investors need to make informed investment decisions. Ultimately it is designed to promote and support investor confidence in the sector.

ASX listing fees

Schedule of listing fees: Listing Rules Chapter 16
Listing fees: Guidance Notes 15A and 15B
Listing fees calculator

Market news

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