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New to mFund: Aberdeen Active Index Income Fund (code AFZ25)

13 April 2017

A fixed income fund which pays monthly distributions

Aberdeen Asset Management is the investment manager and responsible entity of the Aberdeen Active Index Income Fund.

Aberdeen is a global investment management group, managing assets for both institutional and retail clients from offices around the world across a range of asset classes. Aberdeen has had a presence in the Australian market since 2000.

Aberdeen is pleased to offer the Aberdeen Active Index Fund on mFund (via mFund code AFZ25).

The Aberdeen Active Index Fund is an actively managed portfolio of Australian fixed income securities that aims to provide a monthly income stream for investors across all market conditions, while looking to protect capital.

The Fund aims to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index over the medium to long term (3 years plus), in order to deliver an index-like return after fees.

Investors in the Fund can access:

  • A low cost solution aiming to deliver index returns after fees, unlike traditional passive solutions which deliver index returns before fees.
  • A defensive asset class to complement equity exposure.
  • A regular income stream.
  • A simple solution: liquid assets including cash and bonds, with no derivatives.
  • Active management with credit and security selection skills.
  • Robust risk oversight and risk management.
  • A complementary fit with other fixed income solutions.

Click through to view Aberdeen’s ‘The Fables of Fixed Income’, a short animated series of cautionary tales to consider when investing in bonds. 

To invest in this fund or any of the other Aberdeen funds on mFund, visit the mFund information page or the Aberdeen website


ASX is pleased to announce the admission of the first long form PDS products to the mFund Settlement Service, following recent ASX rule changes to expand the types of products available.

Aberdeen Asset Management is the investment manager and responsible entity of the Aberdeen Multi-Asset Income Fund and Aberdeen Multi-Asset Real Return Fund.

Aberdeen is one of the world’s largest independent asset managers by assets under management and is pleased to offer the following additional investment solutions on mFund:

  • The Aberdeen Multi-Asset Income Fund (mFund code: AFZ16) has an objective of both inflation-like capital growth and income above prevailing cash rates. The Fund has been designed to help retirees replace the regular wage income they have received during their working life.  The income payments have many of the same characteristics of regular wage payments. The Fund invests in a range of growth assets including equities and property securities, and defensive assets such as fixed income and cash.

The Fund should suit investors who are looking to:

  • Prioritise regular, consistent, tax-efficient income and long-term growth to mitigate the effects of inflation, while aiming to minimize downside risk
  • Receive a consistent monthly income payment, pre-announced up to 12 months  in advance
  • Generally have immediate access to their capital in an emergency, unlike a term deposit which ties in investors for a fixed period and likely has an exit penalty payable upon early redemption
  • Diversify an existing income arrangement
  • The Aberdeen Multi Asset Real Return Fund (mFund code: AFZ32) has an objective of 5% above CPI (pre fees) over a full market cycle. It can invest in a broad range of growth asset classes including equities, property and alternatives, and defensive assets including bonds and cash.

The Fund should suit a wide range of investors:

  • Young investors looking for one investment that provides a whole-of-portfolio solution without compromising on diversification or performance potential.
  • Investors in the 10-15 years before retirement who are focused on protecting the wealth they’ve created, while still earning steady returns as they approach retirement.
  • Investors already in retirement and still looking for some steady capital growth to pay for the latter stages of retirement, or to leave money to their children or grandchildren.
  • Charities or endowment funds where steady returns above inflation over time are preferred with a reduced risk of large negative returns.

Click through to ‘The Retirement Series' to view a collection of Aberdeen’s thought pieces aimed at uncovering ways to help retirees achieve their objectives while managing retirement-specific risks.
For more info please visit the mFund information page or the Aberdeen website


Ausbil Investment Management Limited is a leading Australian investment manager. Established in April 1997, Ausbil’s core business is the management of Australian equities for major superannuation funds, institutional investors, master trust and retail clients. Ausbil is owned by its employees and New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company.

Key features of the Ausbil Australian Emerging Leaders Fund (mFund code AXW02):

  • invest in 30-40 quality mid to small cap Australian companies
  • process favours companies with positive earnings and earnings revision profiles
  • aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth with income

Key benefits of the strategy

  • exposure to quality industrial and resource shares
  • managed by Ausbil’s skilled and multi-award-winning investment team
  • access to mid to small cap securities that may not be researched by major broking houses

Access the PDS
Read the latest performance update


The UBS Global High Conviction Fund (mFund code UAM13) is a concentrated global ex-Australia equity strategy (hedged to Australian dollars), typically holding between 30 – 45 stocks. The strategy of the Fund is to identify, via our research resources and use of proprietary systems and processes, those companies which our assessment of intrinsic value identifies as undervalued by the  market. Once identified, we take ‘higher than benchmark‘ positions in these companies, reflecting our high conviction in their long term performance. Our disciplined and holistic portfolio construction process seeks to reflect our investment team‘s deep and high conviction insights, be transaction cost aware, be risk conscious and be diversified by industry & geography.

The significant benefits of investing in the Fund are:

  • Investment return: We have combined our systematic portfolio construction – diversification by industry, geography and sources of earnings – with our deep intrinsic valuation process that focuses on profitability and future cash flows, to create a Fund that aims to provide a total return consisting of capital growth and income that outperforms the MSCI World ex Australia (net dividends reinvested) (AUD Hedged) Index
  • Concentrated portfolio: The Fund applies a concentrated investment strategy which means we allocate to stocks which we have the highest conviction for outperformance. We believe that this approach provides the potential for higher returns than the fund's benchmark.
  • Research resources: UBS has a large, experienced global equity team managing over $287 billion globally, specialised in managing global equity stock portfolios. Our global research & trading teams are located in offices in Sydney, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, London, Zurich, Hong Kong and Singapore and provide a comprehensive world view through their in-depth analysis of global equity market trends and regulatory conditions.
  • Processes and systems: We have access to proprietary investment and risk management systems and processes which ordinary investors would not usually have, allowing us deeper insights at the stock level and an opportunity to maximise returns.

UBS Asset Management, a business division of UBS Group AG, is a large-scale asset manager with businesses well-diversified across regions, capabilities and distribution channels. It has invested assets of some $873 billion and is located in 22 countries at 31 December 2016. UBS Asset Management offers investment capabilities and styles across all major traditional and alternative asset classes to private clients, financial intermediaries and institutional investors around the globe. UBS Asset Management was established in Australia in 1985 and had invested assets of approximately $30 billion at 31 December 2016. UBS is a foundation member of mFund and currently offers 13 funds across equities, fixed income and multi-asset capabilities.

Access the fund PDS here:

SG Hiscock & Company (SGH) is a boutique investment manager specialising in high conviction, actively managed investment strategies. These strategies cover Australian Equities and Property Securities – including Australian and global REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and Managed Discretionary Portfolios.  SGH was established in Melbourne in mid-2001 by six of its principals and is entirely owned by staff.

The SGH Australia Plus Fund (mFund code SHF07) is a truly benchmark unaware fund that invests in 25-40 stocks with the unique ability to take non index positions in Asia (up to 20% of the portfolio).  The ability to invest in Asian stocks exposed to the rise of the Asian consumer, gives it access to a growth thematic that pure Australian equity funds can’t invest in. Through experience and quantitative screening, the investible universe is 40-50 stocks in Asia, as well as the ASX300 universe.  By design, it will provide a far greater degree of sector diversification than a pure Australian equity fund will provide, given the extreme concentration in Australia to Banks and Resources.

Read SGH’s recent quarterly fund update 
Access the SGH Australia Plus Fund PDS

PE Capital is an Australian alternative asset manager focused on property and enterprise investments. They offer a range of alternative asset investment opportunities in managed funds, direct investments and portfolio capital management. Their goal is to provide investors with direct access to a range of investment solutions previously only available to sophisticated and wholesale investors.

PE Capital’s first offer via the mFund Settlement Service is their Y Fund (mFund code: PEY01) which is a low risk, open ended fund, which combines a high weighting to domestic cash and fixed interest investments with a smaller allocation to commercial and retail development funding. The 3 key features of the fund include:

  1. A low risk investment: The Y Fund has a conservative investment strategy with a defensive asset allocation. It invests 80% of the portfolio in cash and fixed interest investments, which are actively managed by PE Capital’s funds management team. The investment manager is able to access institutional fixed interest rates by pooling investor funds.
  2. Competitive returns: The Y Fund has a unique investment approach and targets higher returns than traditional cash products. They invest in fixed income and property assets that offer better interest rates than traditional deposits.
  3. Convenient Access: Unlike other traditional fixed term cash products, PE Capital’s Y Fund was specifically designed to provide easy access to investor funds when they want them, a low $20,000 minimum investment, no penalties for withdrawals, no notice periods and funds redemptions available in investors account within 5 business days.

For more information on PE Capital’s Y Fund please visit their website or download the PDS from the mFund information page.

Intermede Investment Partners (‘Intermede’) is a specialist global equities manager based in London. Intermede aims to outperform global equity markets by investing in companies with good management and strong market positions in attractive industries. In particular, Intermede looks for companies with a demonstrated sustainable competitive advantage.

Intermede Global Equities Fund (mFund code INT01) provides investors with access to global investment opportunities through an actively-managed portfolio of equities listed (or expected to be listed) on equity markets around the world. Intermede aims to deliver long-term capital growth by investing:

  • in high quality companies it chooses by rigorously applying its selection criteria
  • with the intention of holding investments for the long term, and
  • only when it believes a company’s share price is good value.

The fund provides investors with a concentrated portfolio of equities from around the world with a focus on long-term capital growth. For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the mFund information page

Presima Inc (‘Presima’) is a boutique investment manager exclusively focused on listed global property securities based in Montreal, Canada. With over 10 years' of management experience in the asset class, Presima invests in a diverse range of listed property securities in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Emerging Markets. Presima believes listed property securities provide returns consistent with physical real estate over the long term, but may be periodically mispriced due to market inefficiencies – which its investment team strives to identify using Presima’s disciplined, research-driven investment approach.

Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund (mFund code PRE01) typically invests in a concentrated portfolio of 30-40 listed property securities, across countries, property sectors and securities. The Fund provides investors with access to Presima’s investment expertise and global property opportunities. The global property market is far more diversified than the Australian market, and listed property securities generally provide investors with access to more opportunities and greater diversification across countries, sectors and properties than property investments that aren’t listed.

For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the mFund information page

Redpoint Investment Management (‘Redpoint’) is a quantitative, specialist equities manager based in Sydney. The Redpoint team applies their knowledge of equity markets and deep understanding of risk with the aim of delivering investment solutions that are cost efficient, well-diversified and meet their investment objectives. Redpoint’s investment approach involves an assessment of the quality of each company, including its dividend yield, financial leverage and sustainability.

Redpoint Global Infrastructure Fund (mFund code RPO01) provides investors with access to global infrastructure assets and Redpoint’s investment expertise. The Fund is globally diversified across 100-140 listed infrastructure equities, which is more than most other funds in this asset class. Because of this diversity, it would be difficult for an individual investor to construct and manage a similar portfolio. The Fund’s fees are lower than most actively-managed global infrastructure funds because of the quantitative approach Redpoint uses to identify infrastructure assets and the efficient processes used for making and implementing portfolio construction decisions.

The Fund can help diversify risk and returns where an investor’s portfolio consists of mainstream asset classes due to the differing characteristics of Infrastructure assets. For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the mFund information page

Hyperion Asset Management Limited (‘Hyperion’) is a leading quality growth manager singularly focused on delivering outperformance over the long-term through investing in high calibre Australian and Global equities.
The Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund (HYN03) invests exclusively in the highest quality businesses from developed markets, taking advantage of a wider universe of high quality businesses with larger addressable markets, aiming to produce attractive long-term returns for clients.
This global equities fund is managed by the same experienced investment team under the same philosophy and process as Hyperion’s existing domestic equity funds, the Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund (HYN01) and the Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund (HYN02). Notably, the Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund (HYN02) was hard-closed to applications in June 2016 to safeguard the future investment performance on behalf of existing clients as the fund neared its capacity.
For further information, please view the Fund’s PDS below available at

Spheria Asset Management Pty Limited (‘Spheria’) is a fundamental-based investment manager with a bottom-up focus specialising in small and microcap companies. The principals, Marcus Burns and Matthew Booker, are the former portfolio managers of small-cap funds of Schroders. Together they have a combined experience of 40 years in the industry.
The three funds managed by Spheria are:
Spheria Australian Microcap Fund (SPM01)
Spheria Australian Smaller Companies Fund (SPM02)
Spheria Australian MidCap Fund (SPM03)
Access the PDSs

Key benefits of the funds managed by Spheria are:

  • Focus on quality businesses and active investment management
  • Potential for higher growth - smallcap, midcap and microcap companies generally have more potential for growth relative to large companies as they may be in the earlier stages of development or are providing new services or technologies.
  • Open-minded, holistic thinking – Spheria assesses stocks with a broader view, noting that global parallels are important in a technologically evolving environment.
  • Risk aware – risk is central to Spheria’s thinking around portfolio construction and investment not merely an after-thought.

For further information, news and insights from Spheria, please visit  

Alphinity Investment Management (Alphinity) is a boutique Australian investment manager whose goal is to add value through an investment philosophy and process that is distinctive, rigorous and disciplined.

The three Australian Share Funds managed by Alphinity are the Alphinity Australian Share Fund (mFund code ALH01) which  holds a diversified portfolio of Australian stocks listed on the ASX, the Alphinity Concentrated Australian Share Fund (mFund code ALH02), a high conviction portfolio of Australian stocks listed on the ASX and the Alphinity Socially Responsible Share Fund (mFund code ALH03 ), a diversified portfolio of Australian stocks listed on the ASX that have been screened through environmental, social and governance (ESG) filters.
Read the latest insight article from Alphinity.
To read the Product Disclosure statements, please visit ALH01, ALH02 and ALH03 or visit the mFund information page

The new global listed infrastructure fund being offered by UBS Asset Management is the UBS Clarion Global Infrastructure Securities Fund (mFund code: UAM12), a Fund designed to deliver an attractive combination of income and growth, as well as being an important source of diversification and low volatility relative to equities.

Drawing on its 30 year heritage, UBS Asset Management in Australia offers a range of investment styles and strategies to investors. The UBS Clarion Global Infrastructure Securities Fund complements the existing funds offered by UBS Asset Management via mFund – UBS Australian Small Companies Fund, UBS Microcap Fund, UBS-HALO Australian Share Fund, UBS Australian Bond Fund, UBS Diversified Credit Fund, UBS Diversified Fixed Income Fund, UBS Clarion Global Property Securities Fund, UBS Property Securities Fund and UBS Tactical Beta Funds (Balanced, Growth and Conservative).

Read the Case for Investing in Infrastructure article

For more information, or to read the Funds' Product Disclosure Statements, please visit the Fund information page.

Plato Investment Management Limited (‘Plato’) is a retirement income equities specialist with a dedicated portfolio of funds specifically designed to meet the income needs of retirees in pension phase superannuation.
The two global income funds managed by Plato are the Plato Global Shares Income Fund (mFund code: PLI03), an unhedged global equity income fund and the Plato Global Shares Income Fund ( Managed Risk) (mFund code: PLI04) which aims to stabilise portfolio volatility, capture growth in up markets, and defend against losses during major downturns. These funds complement the existing domestic equity income funds managed by Plato, the Plato Australian Shares Income Fund (mFund code: PLI01) and the Plato Australian Shares Income Fund (Managed Risk) (mFund code: PLI02).
Read the latest retirement insight article from Plato.
To read the Product Disclosure statements, please visit PLI03 and PLI04 or visit the mFund information page.


RARE Infrastructure is dedicated to global listed infrastructure investments. Established in 2006, the company has grown to one of the largest listed infrastructure managers globally with access to high quality portfolios of listed infrastructure securities. RARE's experienced team of specialists invests in companies that own and develop major infrastructure assets (such as airports, gas, electricity, water, roads, ports and communication towers in both developed and emerging economies).
RARE’s investment and risk management approach is reflected in its name - Risk Adjusted Returns to Equity with the purpose of building and managing portfolios that exhibit attractive risk / return characteristics, liquidity and superior medium to long term returns. RARE is an affiliate of Legg Mason, one of the world’s largest asset managers.

For further information, or to read the Funds’ Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the mFund information page  or visit RARE, LMA08 and LMA09.

The PIMCO Capital Securities Fund and PIMCO Income Fund from PIMCO Australia Pty Limited (“PIMCO”).

PIMCO is a member of the PIMCO Group, one of the largest fixed interest managers in the world with history dating back to 1971 as a specialist fixed interest manager.

The PIMCO Income Fund invests in higher income-providing fixed income assets from across the globe. The Fund seeks to provide high current income and long-term capital appreciation.

The PIMCO Capital Securities Fund invests both directly and indirectly (via other funds) in subordinated debt instruments issued by banks, insurance companies, and other specialty finance companies. The Fund seeks to provide focused exposure to attractively priced Capital Securities.

For further information, or to read the Funds’ Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the mFund Fund information page or PIMCO (PMF07)  and  PIMCO (PMF08)

HSBC Online Share Trading now provides its customers with access to the full range of mFunds. The HSBC service enables investors and SMSF trustees to include a greater range of assets within portfolios and to hold the full range of ASX investment products, including shares, LICs and ETFs on a single client Holder Identification Number (HIN). Find out more.

Today we welcome the Quay Global Real Estate Fund from Quay Global Investors (Quay).

Quay is a boutique investment manager focused on the preservation and creation of wealth through innovative strategies in real estate securities.

The founding partners have over 40 years of collective experience in direct property, equities research, investment banking and investment management across domestic and global markets, giving them a unique skill set and perspective which they bring to the management of a portfolio of global real estate securities.

The Fund invests in real estate securities of entities on stock exchanges around the world.  Fund aims to generate a real total return of at least 5% above CPI p.a. over 5+ years, before fees and costs.

For more information, or to read the Funds' Product Disclosure Statements, please visit the Fund information page

Today J.P. Morgan joins mFund. J.P. Morgan Asset Management is a global asset management leader providing world-class investment solutions to clients. With over US$1.7 trillion in assets under management (the Asset Management client funds of JPMorgan Chase & Co. as at 31 December 2015) and offices in over 30 countries around the world, J.P. Morgan offers global coverage with a strong local market presence, and leadership positions in most asset classes. They have long and distinguished history with a steadfast commitment to the principle of always putting clients’ interests first. Their asset management teams are located in both Sydney and Melbourne working on behalf of retail and institutional investors. Their exceptional breadth and depth of investment expertise and their commitment to providing a service which meet the needs of their clients is what sets them apart.

J.P. Morgan adds a suite of eight funds:

  1. JPMorgan Global Strategic Bond Fund
  2. JPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities Fund
  3. JPMorgan Global Bond Fund
  4. JPMorgan Global Income Fund
  5. JPMorgan Global Research Enhanced Index Equity Fund
  6. JPMorgan Global Research Enhanced Index Equity Fund (Hedged)
  7. JPMorgan Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund
  8. JPMorgan Global Unconstrained Equity Fund

For more information, or to read the Funds' Product Disclosure Statements, please visit the Fund information page.

Other new partners:

Today, we welcome Orbis Investment Management to mFund. Orbis is an international contrarian investment firm managing approximately AUD 35 billion in global and regional equity funds. Our worldwide team comprises over 400 professionals, with over 60 investment specialists based in Bermuda, Hong Kong, Lausanne, London, San Francisco and Sydney.

International investors have been investing in our flagship Global Equity Fund for more than 25 years. The Fund has outperformed its benchmark since its inception on 1 January 1990 achieving a net return of 11.1% per annum compared to the FTSE World Index return of 6.3% per annum (returns in USD).

Australian and New Zealand retail investors can now access the same global equity expertise through an Australian registered fund, which has been available to Australian wholesale investors since 2005.

To learn more about the Fund, and to read the Fund's Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund information page.

Today Bennelong Australian Equity Partners adds their fourth fund to mFund.  The Bennelong Twenty20 Australian Equities Fund invests passively in the top 20 stocks, similar to an index fund, whilst actively investing in the ex-20 market. The ex-20 component of the portfolio will employ the same highly successful investment methodology used in the Bennelong ex-20 Australian Equities Fund.

The fund holds 40-55 stocks and the weighting of top 20 and ex-20 exposures will reflect their respective weights in the benchmark. With its mix of passive and active management, the fund provides an efficient way to gain all-cap exposure to Australian equities.

To learn more about the Fund, and to read the Fund's Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund information page.

Fidelity International

Fidelity is one of the world’s leading asset managers with a global network researching investment opportunities in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Fidelity manages over A$379.4 billion (as at 31 December 2015) on behalf of both private and institutional investors.

Fidelity is an active asset manager with a fundamental research philosophy. Fidelity builds investment funds stock by stock through on-the-ground analysis of companies, their customers, suppliers and competitors. This intensive research process sets Fidelity apart from other fund managers and we believe gives Fidelity a significant competitive advantage when choosing companies for our equity portfolios.

For Australian investors, they offer a range of investment choices including Australian equities funds, global equities funds and a range of Asian-based equities funds. Today, Fidelity has added the following funds to mFund:

  • Fidelity Asia Fund
  • Fidelity Australian Equities Fund
  • Fidelity Australian Opportunities Fund
  • Fidelity Future Leaders Fund
  • Fidelity China Fund
  • Fidelity India Fund
  • Fidelity Global Equities Fund
  • Fidelity Hedged Global Equities Fund
  • Fidelity Global Demographics Fund
  • Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund
  • Fidelity Global Dividend Growth Fund
  • Fidelity Hedged Global Dividend Growth Fund

To learn more about the Funds, and to read the Funds' Product Disclosure Statements, please visit the Fund information page.

Today mFund welcomes the Cromwell Phoenix Opportunities Fund. This value orientated fund invests in ASX-listed microcaps using Phoenix Portfolios’ ‘best ideas’ approach, and aims to find hidden value in under-researched small companies, with the majority selected from outside the top 300 listed securities.

Cromwell seeks to identify pricing discrepancies in these ‘under-researched’ stocks and blend together a portfolio of investments that offers the highest risk-adjusted after-tax expected return.

The Fund is priced monthly, as Cromwell Phoenix believe that over the medium to long term, superior investment performance may be achieved by investing in securities that are trading at a discount to their underlying intrinsic value. Security pricing is most prone to error in areas where a limited number of analysts are scrutinising company valuations. Microcap securities typically have little analyst coverage as institutions are unable to deploy meaningful amounts of capital and therefore cannot justify investing time and resources into research. The rationale for the monthly application and redemption period is a nature of the small market capitalisation of the securities the Fund has invested into and to give Phoenix time to position the Fund in the more illiquid securities.

For investors using mFund , the application cut-off time will be 10.15am AEST (or AEDT when observed) on the last Sydney business day prior to the 26th day of any month.   For application forms and investment funds received before the cut-off time, investors receive the issue price based on the valuation of assets calculated on the last day of the month, adjusted for any income distributed.

To learn more about the Fund, and to read the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund information page.

Ausbil Investment Management Limited (Ausbil) is an Australian equities specialist. Established in April 1997, Ausbil’s core business is the management of Australian equities for major superannuation funds, institutional investors and master trust clients.

During the past nineteen years Ausbil Investment Management Limited has been one of Australia’s highest performing equity specialist boutique managers and has demonstrated an impressive consistency in delivering superior returns through its core investment process.

Today, we welcome two Ausbil funds to mFund:

  • Ausbil Investment Trusts - Australian Active Equity Fund
  • Ausbil Investment Trusts - Australian Geared Equity Fund

For more information and to read the Product Disclosure Statements, please visit the Fund Information page.


NAB Asset Management, part of NAB Group, partners with investment managers from around the world, to achieve superior outcomes in both domestic and global markets for institutional and retail clients. NAB Asset Management includes 12 investment partners, managing over A$196 billion across 50 investment strategies (as at September 2015).

NAB Asset Management brings three new Funds to mFund today:

  • Altrinsic Global Equities Trust
  • Antares Income Fund
  • Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund


Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC (Altrinsic) is a value-orientated global equity manager based in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Altrinsic is an employee-controlled and majority-owned organisation, meaning they are personally invested in the success of the trust.

The Altrinsic Global Equities Trust is well diversified across company sizes, industries and geographies. Altrinsic search the world, seeking to uncover companies with unrealised value that others may have overlooked. Altrinsic only pursues an investment after in-depth research with a focus on long-term drivers of intrinsic value.

For more information on the Altrinsic Global Equities Trust, and to read the Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund Information page.

Antares has managed fixed interest income and cash portfolios for investors since 1990 and currently has over A$22.60 billion in funds under management (as at October 2015 ). Antares is focused on delivering performance objectives for its clients within a carefully managed and defined risk framework.

The Antares Income Fund seeks to deliver a regular income by active management of a broad range of domestic and global fixed income assets. This Fund provides access to fixed -income investment opportunities, as well as markets and diversification opportunities not usually available to direct individual investors.

For more information on the Antares Income Fund, and to read the Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund Information page.

Fairview Equity Partners (‘Fairview’) is an Australian smaller companies equities specialist based in Melbourne. Each portfolio manager has invested a considerable portion of their own personal wealth into the Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund, meaning that their interests are aligned with investors.

This Fund aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth as well as an income stream by investing primarily in a diverse portfolio of smaller companies (either listed or expected to be listed).

Fairview employs a disciplined and multi faceted strategy for stock selection, in combination with their extensive industry experience. The approach is research-driven, combining high levels of company contact, a detailed analysis, a peer-review process and appropriate risk controls.

For more information on the Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund, and to read the Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund Information page.

We also welcome two new funds from Alpha Fund Managers, bringing their offering of mFunds up to seven funds.

Alpha Fund Managers Pty Ltd is a boutique fund manager established in January 2007 with the specific purpose of establishing the Alpha Fund Series. The Alpha Fund Series provides investors with access to sector-specific multi-manager funds. Today, Alpha adds two further funds to mFund:

  • The Alpha Australian Small Companies Fund gains exposure to predominately small to medium market cap Australian shares, by investing with specialist investment managers. The Fund is designed for investors who seek superior long-term returns by investing in an actively managed portfolio of Australian Small Companies shares. The Fund will leverage extensively off the proprietary research and view of the underlying investment managers.
  • The Alpha Global Opportunities Fund is designed for investors seeking strong long-term returns by investing in a strategically-managed, globally-diversified portfolio of predominately exchange listed equities. The Fund will invest in a core component of global equities. The other component will actively seek to take advantage of strategic country and asset allocation, as well as security pricing opportunities, by investing in a diverse range of securities across the globe.

For more information on the Funds, and to read the Product Disclosure Statements, please visit the Fund Information page.

We're pleased to announce that Bendigo Bank now offers mFunds through their Bendigo Invest Direct platform.  Bendigo Invest Direct customers can now access the full range of mFunds alongside their other ASX listed products. For more information please visit the Bendigo Invest Direct website or speak to your financial adviser.

Ranger International Management, LP ('Ranger') is a boutique, research driven investment manager specialising in global income and growth strategies, and global equity strategies. Today they add their Global Income & Growth Fund to mFund.

The Fund invests in an actively managed portfolio of 40-50 yield-oriented investments selected from a wide range of global securities. The Fund primarily invests in a range of:

  • Dividend paying common stocks
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Publically traded partnerships (PTPs)
  • High yield fixed income securities
  • Preferred stocks
  • Convertible securities
  • Publically traded pooled investments
  • And other forms of securities which produce attractive yields

For more information on the Fund, and to read the Fund's Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund Information page.

Antipodes Partners is a pragmatic value focused manager of global and Asian equities. It aspires to grow client wealth ahead of the broad market over the investment cycle without subjecting capital to undue levels of risk. Antipodes Partners’ approach seeks to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation around changes in the operating environment, identify great businesses that are not valued as such and build high conviction portfolios. The firm, led by Jacob Mitchell, former Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Platinum Asset Management, is majority owned by its seasoned investment team. The Investment Manager’s performance culture is underpinned by sensible incentives, a concentrated product offering and the outsourcing of non-investment functions to maximise focus on investing.

The Fund typically invests in a select number of attractively valued companies listed on global share markets (usually between 20 and 60). The Fund may use derivatives, both over-the-counter and exchange traded, to achieve long equity exposure. In the absence of finding individual securities that meet minimum risk-return criteria, cash may be held. The Fund typically invests in global markets, including both developed and developing regions.

For more information on the Fund, and to read the Fund's Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund Information page.