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View companies which have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2010.

Further information on companies that have changed their name, including a summary of all changes for each company, can be found at

Although ASX believes that every care is taken in the compilation of the information on delisted it cannot warrant its accuracy and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

As of* Old details New details
29 Dec  JGL  Jackgreen Limited  GNB  Greenbox Group Limited 
29 Dec  HLD  Headline Group Limited  MLC  Mothercare Australia Limited
24 Dec  SUN  Suncorp-Metway Limited  SUN  Suncorp Group Limited
24 Dec  BPH  BPH Corporate Limited  BPH  BPH Energy Limited
23 Dec  AWL  AWH Corporation Limited  AEK  Anatolia Energy Limited
23 Dec  AIB  Aurora Global Infrastructure Income Trust  AIB  Aurora Global Income Trust
20 Dec  IZZ  iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund  IZZ  iShares FTSE China 25
17 Dec  LZC  Lazco Limited  SIT  Site Group International Limited
16 Dec  ZNC  Zinc Co Australia Limited  ZNC  Zenith Minerals Limited
15 Dec  OKU  Oklo Uranium Limited  OKU  Oklo Resources Limited
15 Dec  WIL  Wilson Investment Fund Limited  WAX  WAM Research Limited
14 Dec  SEY  Sunset Energy Limited  CEL  Challenger Energy Limited
13 Dec  SUL  Super Cheap Auto Group Limited  SUL  Super Retail Group Limited
13 Dec  FNP  Freedom Nutritional Products Limited  FNP  Freedom Foods Group Limited
13 Dec  SWG  The Swish Group Limited  ABN  AdEffective Limited
13 Dec  PEV  Pacific Environmin Limited  AQC  Australian Pacific Coal Limited
13 Dec  MVH  Medic Vision Limited  MOT  Motopia Limited
13 Dec  TBI  Thomas Bryson International Limited  YHL  Yanghao International Limited
13 Dec  ASV  Argus Solutions Limited  MOV  Moore Australasia (Holdings) Limited
10 Dec  KMN  Kings Minerals NL  CJO  Cerro Resources NL
7 Dec  QRS  QRSciences Holdings Limited  QTG  Q Technology Group Limited
6 Dec  EKM  Eleckra Mines Limited  GOR  Gold Road Resources Limited
6 Dec   ADL  Admerex Limited  CBK  CB Australia Limited
6 Dec  MHM  Macquarie Harbour Mining Limited  MHM MHM Metals Limited
6 Dec  CVX  Corvette Resources Limited  IGS  International Goldfields Limited
6 Dec  BDG  Bendigo Mining Limited  UML  Unity Mining Limited
3 Dec  COS  Cool or Cosy Limited  ISL  Intelligent Solar Limited
3 Dec  CVI  Cityview Corporation Limited  CVI  CVI Energy Corporation Limited
3 Dec  RUM Rum Jungle Uranium Ltd  RUM  Rum Jungle Resources Ltd
3 Dec  WSY  Webspy Limited  QNA  Qanda Technology Ltd
2 Dec  CMS  Commsecure Limited  WSE  Welcome Stranger Mining Limited
1 Dec  ASC Limited  DLC  Delecta Limited
1 Dec CGF  Challenger Financial Services Group Limited  CGF  Challenger Limited
1 Dec  CXG  Coote Industrial Ltd  EGN  Engenco Limited
1 Dec  HTC  Hostech Limited  AYG  Anittel Group Limited
30 Nov  CNK  Condor Nickel Limited  CNK  Condor Metals Limited
30 Nov  UXA  Uranium Exploration Australia Limited  UXA  UXA Resources Ltd
26 Nov  SNU  Southern Uranium Limited  IVR  Investigator Resources Ltd
26 Nov  AQL  Aquacarotene Limited  LER  Leaf Energy Limited
25 Nov  LEF  Lefroy Resources Limited  BZM  Brazilian Metals Group Limited
24 Nov  FAT  Fat Prophets Australia Fund Limited  MEF  Merricks Capital Special Opportunity Fund Limited
22 Nov  PEN  Peninsula Minerals Limited  PEN  Peninsula Energy Limited
22 Nov  BET  Belmont Holdings Limited  IPC  Imperial Pacific Limited
19 Nov HGN  Halcygen Pharmaceuticals Limited  MYX  Mayne Pharma Group Limited
18 Nov  MNL  Manaccom Corporation Limited  JIN  Jumbo Interactive Limited
12 Nov  HIL  Hills Industries Limited  HIL  Hills Holdings Limited
10 Nov  GRT  Garratt's Limited  AKG  Academies Australasia Group Limited
10 Nov  GRP  Great Pacific Capital Limited  GRP  GRP Corporation Limited
10 Nov  MAL  Matilda Minerals Limited  BWD  Blackwood Corporation Limited
8 Nov  AIO  Asciano Group  AIO  Asciano Limited
8 Nov  NRU  Newera Uranium Limited  NRU  Newera Resources Limited
8 Nov  NIP  NiPlats Australia Limited  SPM  Speewah Metals Ltd
8 Nov  RVE  Riviera Resources Limited  SFZ  South American Ferro Metals Limited
4 Nov  NSP  Nusep Ltd  NSP  Nusep Holdings Ltd
3 Nov  GWT  GWA International Limited  GWA  GWA Group Limited
26 Oct  VGM  Victorian Gold Mines NL  CNL  Celamin Holdings NL
25 Oct  NLB  Nullarbor Holdings Limited  CBP  Carbon Polymers Limited
15 Oct  TGX  Tasman Goldfields Limited  BUT  Bright Star Resources Limited
14 Oct  QED  QED Occtech Limited  TSN Transaction Solutions International Limited
11 Oct  CMO  Comtel Corporation Limited DIG  Digital Performance Group Ltd
11 Oct  HLI  HLI Limited  BHG  Beauty Health Group Limited
 11 Oct NMN  Newport Mining Limited AGR Aguia Resources Limited
7 Oct  AIW  Australian-American Mining Corporation NL  AIW  Australian-American Mining Corporation Limited
7 Oct  SCV  SCV Group Limited  EGH  Eureka Group Holdings Limited
5 Oct  ASQ  Asset Loans Ltd  ASQ  ASQ Financial Group Limited
28 Sep  MAF  Multiplex Prime Property Fund  BPA  Brookfield Prime Property Fund
20 Sep  BTV  Batavia Mining Limited  SHD  Sherwin Iron Limited
20 Sep  WKF  Western Kingfish Limited  CDG  Cleveland Mining Company Limited
13 Sep  RGD  RER Group Limited  RQL  Resource Equipment Ltd
9 Sep  MPF  Multiplex Acumen Property Fund  BAO  Brookfield Australian Opportunities Fund 
8 Sep  ZGM  Zamia Gold Mines Limited  ZGM  Zamia Metals Limited
8 Sep  WPG  Western Plains Resources Ltd  WPG  WPG Resources Ltd
3 Sep  GLF  Gulf Resources Limited  GLF  Gulf Industrials Limited
27 Aug  RKS  Rockstead Financial Services Limited  RKS  RKS Consolidated Limited
25 Aug  OMI  Occupational & Medical Innovations Limited  OMI  OMI Holdings Limited
23 Aug  EQX  Equatorial Coal Limited  EQX  Equatorial Resources Limited
20 Aug  CPR  Clive Peeters Limited  CPR  Clivpee Limited
16 Aug  GTX  Golden Tiger Mining NL  OMX  Ormil Energy Limited
11 Aug  URL  Universal Resources Limited  AOH  Altona Mining Limited
10 Aug  ITS  Interstaff International Limited  ITS  ITS Capital Investments Ltd
5 Aug  EPS  Epsilon Energy Limited  AZH  Azimuth Resources Limited
3 Aug  BOS  Biosignal Limited  RGM  RGM Media Limited
30 Jul  FRV  Fall River Resources Ltd  EHR  Earth Heat Resources Ltd
27 Jul  AAO  Australasia Gold Limited  AAO  Australasia Consolidated Limited
26 Jul  GTI  Globe Securities Limited  MKE  Mako Energy Limited
15 Jul  AAF  Austral Africa Resources Limited  EAF  East Africa Resources Limited
9 Jul  XNU  Xanadu Resources Limited  CZN  Corazon Mining Limited
6 Jul  TRO  Tri Origin Minerals Ltd  TRO  Triausmin Limited
6 Jul  GFE  Global Iron Limited  AFQ  African Petroleum Corporation Limited
5 Jul  SKY  Skydome Holdings Limited  LZC  Lazco Limited
5 Jul  BSE  Base Iron Limited  BSE  Base Resources Limited
5 Jul  HAP  HFA Accelerator Plus Limited   SGI  Signature Capital Investments Limited
2 Jul  FOF  First Opportunity Fund Limited  VOC  Vocus Communications Limited
2 Jul  FTD  Fig Tree Developments Ltd  FTD  FTD Corporation Ltd
28 Jun  ICV  Incitive Limited  HOG  Hawkley Oil and Gas Limited
25 Jun  MDT  Macquarie DDR Trust  EDT  EDT Retail Trust
25 Jun  MSH  Morning Star Holdings (Australia) Limited  RRP  Realm Resources Limited
24 Jun  TRU  Trust Company Limited  TRU  The Trust Company Limited
17 Jun  MMA  MMC Contrarian Limited  CVW  Clearview Wealth Limited
16 Jun  VIR  Viridis Clean Energy Group  VIR  Viridis Clean Energy
10 Jun  ADX  Audax Resources Limited  ADX  ADX Energy Ltd
9 Jun  AXY  Atom Energy Limited  EXG  Excelsior Gold Limited
4 Jun  ECU  Eastern Corporation Limited  GLL  Galilee Energy Limited
4 Jun  ELY  Early Learning Services Limited  GEM  G8 Education Limited
2 Jun  FAR  First Australian Resources Limited  FAR  FAR Limited
1 Jun  KIL  KFM Diversified Infrastructure and Logistcs Fund  QUB  Qube Logistics
28 May  DVM  DVM International Limited  TPT  Tangiers Petroleum Limited
19 May  BZI  BrainZ Instruments Limited  TNP  Tango Petroleum Limited
18 May  MRO  Monaro Mining NL  AIW  Australian-American Mining Corporation NL
18 May  ORT  ORT Limited  NER  Neo Resources Limited
7 May  VNS  Venus Resources Limited  VMC  Venus Metals Corporation Limited 
5 May  BRT  Brainytoys Limited  EIO  Energio Limited
5 May  EPR  Essential Petroleum Resources Limited  SNE  Somerton Energy Limited
23 Apr  FYI  Freedom Eye Ltd  FYI  FYI Resources Limited
23 Apr  IFC  IFC Capital Limited  AHJ  Air Change International Limited
19 Apr  MCB  Mercury Brands Limited  CNC  Consolidated Capital Investments Ltd
14 Apr  GGY  Glengarry Resources Limited  CTM  Centaurus Metals Limited
23 Mar  CLN  Colonial Resources Limited  PIR  Papillon Resources Limited
19 Mar  ETT  ETT Limited  FWA  Farmworks Australia Limited
16 Mar  GYN  Graynic Metals Limited  XNU  Xanadu Resources Limited
15 Mar  SXL  Southern Cross Media Group  SXL  Southern Cross Media Group Limited
11 Mar  ABO  ABN AMRO Bank NV  ABO  The Royal Bank of Scotland NV
11 Mar  ETW  ETW Corporation Limited  AJX  Alexium International Group Limited
10 Mar  WTN  Western Uranium Limited  GOT  Groote Resources Limited
9 Mar  TGF  Tianshan Goldfields Limited  CVX  Corvette Resources Limited
9 Mar  GNI  Global Nickel Investments Limited  GNI  Global Nickel Investments NL
5 Mar  MON  Monarch Gold Mining Company Limited  SWA  Swan Gold Mining Limited
4 Mar  CNB  Canberra Investment Corporation Limited  CNB  CIC Australia Limited
4 Mar  MCW  Macquarie Countrywide Trust  CQR  Charter Hall Retail REIT
4 Mar  MOF  Macquarie Office Trust  CQO  Charter Hall Office REIT
4 Mar  BKG  Buka Gold Limited  FEL  Fe Limited
2 Mar  TTG  The Traffic Group Limited  WKF  Western Kingfish Limited
1 Mar  WWH  Water Wheel Holdings Limited  SDT  Shandong Tianye Australia Limited
1 Mar  LUM  Lumacom Limited  USN  US Nickel Limited
1 Mar  GNM  Gujarat NRE Minerals Limited  GNM  Gujarat NRE Coking Coal Limited
26 Feb  ESM  Esperance Minerals NL  ESM  Esperance Minerals Limited
25 Feb  ZYL  Zylotech Limited  ZYL  ZYL Limited
22 Feb  JHX  James Hardie Industries NV  JHX  James Hardie Industries SE
17 Feb  ERH  Eromanga Hydrocarbons NL  ERH  Eromanga Hydrocarbons Limited
16 Feb  WKR  Windy Knob Resources Limited  AKM  Aspire Mining Limited
10 Feb  BPH  Biopharmica Limited  BPH  BPH Corporate Ltd
8 Feb  IBG  Ironbark Gold Limited  IBG  Ironbark Zinc Ltd
5 Feb  MIG  Macquarie Infrastructure Group  ITO  Intoll Group
4 Feb  CXE  Celtex Limited  SFN  Stanfield Funds Management Limited
3 Feb  ALX  Allstate Explorations NL  BCO  BCD Resources (Operations) NL
27 Jan SUP  Supersorb Environmental NL  NCR  Nucoal Resources NL 
18 Jan  LMP  L&M Petroleum Limited  LME  L&M Energy Limited
15 Jan  FXI  Fox Invest Limited  EXA  Excela Limited
5 Jan WRL Washington Resources Limited FCR Ferrum Crescent Limited
5 Jan ABW Aurora Buy-Write Income Trust ABW Aurora Sandringham Australian Equity Income Trust
4 Jan BBP Babcock & Brown Power AEJ Alinta Energy Group

*as at commencement of trading on that day

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