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View companies which have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2011.

Further information on companies that have changed their name, including a summary of all changes for each company, can be found at

Although ASX believes that every care is taken in the compilation of the information on delisted it cannot warrant its accuracy and is not liable for any errors or omissions.


As of* Old details New details
30 Dec MDA Modena Resources Limited SPS Sprint Energy Limited
29 Dec  RGM  RGM Media Limited  ONL  One North Entertainment Limited 
29 Dec  WWW  Whinnen Resources Limited  WSR  Whitestar Resources Limited 
28 Dec  NGY  NuEnergy Capital Limited  NGY  NuEnergy Gas Limited 
23 Dec  AEX  Acclaim Exploration NL  LRR  Leopard Resources NL 
22 Dec VTP Van Eyk Three Pillars Limited  COT Continuation Investments Ltd
22 Dec  NTC NetComm Limited  NTC NetComm Wireless Limited
21 Dec NRL Newland Resources Limited AJC Acacia Coal Limited
21 Dec MAP MAP Group SYD Sydney Airport
21 Dec  UCL  Union Resources Limited  UCL  UCL Resources Limited 
19 Dec  ESW  Emerson Stewart Group Limited  OTC  OTOC Limited 
19 Dec  SPG  Superwoman Group Limited      IDP  Indopac Holdings Limited 
15 Dec  CRW  CRW Holdings Limited  TWH  TW Holdings Limited 
15 Dec  EZE  Ezenet Limited  OVL  Oro Verde Limited 
14 Dec  CEO  C @ Limited   DRG Draig Resources Limited 
13 Dec  AAM  A1 Minerals Limited  SHK  Stone Resources Australia Limited 
13 Dec  FCS  4C Security Solutions Limited  MSP  Maxsec Group Limited 
13 Dec  WCN  White Cliff Nickel Limited      WCN  White Cliff Minerals Limited 
9 Dec  DSN  Desert Energy Limited  DSN  Desert Mines and Metals Limited 
9 Dec  IDM  Industrial Minerals Corporation Limited      IDM  IDM International Ltd 
9 Dec  NHO  New Horizon Minerals Ltd  NHO  New Horizon Coal Ltd 
8 Dec  DWS  DWS Advanced Business Solutions Limited  DWS  DWS Limited 
7 Dec  ATJ  Automotive Technology Group Limited      SIX  Sprintex Limited 
7 Dec  VBA  Virgin Blue Holdings Limited  VAH  Virgin Australia Holdings Limited 
6 Dec  HBS  Heritage Building Society Limited  HBS  Heritage Bank Limited 
6 Dec  PXR  Palace Resources Limited  PXR  Padang Resources Limited 
5 Dec  DMN  Datamotion Asia Pacific Limited  NUW  Nuworld Solutions Limited 
5 Dec  EYE  Eagle Eye Metals Limited  BGS  Birimian Gold Limited 
5 Dec  SNO  Snowball Group Limited  SFW  SFG Australia Limited 
2 Dec  KOG  Kilgore Oil and Gas Limited  TMK  Tamaska Oil and Gas Limited 
2 Dec  KBL  Kimberley Metals Limited  KBL  KBL Mining Limited 
1 Dec  WAB  Wallace Absolute Return Limited  AIK  Armidale Investment Corporation Limited 
30 Nov  URA  Uran Limited  KAB  Kaboko Mining Limited 
29 Nov  TVN  TVN Corporation Limited  MOU  Modun Resources Ltd 
25 Nov  ANM  Advanced Magnesium Limited      MGL  Magontec Limited 
25 Nov  BLT  Benitec Limited  BLT  Benitec Biopharma Limited 
24 Nov  TRH  Transit Holdings Limited  POK  Potash Minerals Limited 
24 Nov  VLW  Villa World Group  VLW  Villa World Limited 
11 Nov  DGR  D'Aguilar Gold Limited  DGR  DGR Global Limited 
8 Nov  CAH  Catalpa Resources Limited  EVN  Evolution Mining Limited 
7 Nov VGH Vision Group Holdings Limited VEI Vision Eye Institute Limited
3 Nov  CCY  China Century Capital Limited      AYI  A1 Investments & Resources Ltd 
2 Nov  GXG  Green X Global Limited  MZU  Mazu Alliance Limited 
31 Oct  PRH  Phillips River Mining NL  PRH  Phillips River Mining Limited 
31 Oct  HCG  Helicon Group Limited  CGP  Consegna Group Limited 
25 Oct  UNX  Uranex NL      UNX  Uranex Limited 
21 Oct DUL Dulhunty Power Limited EGY Energy Technologies Limited
18 Oct  WGP  Westralian Gas and Power Limited      TTE  Titan Energy Ltd 
29 Sep IHF ING Real Estate Healthcare Fund  GHC Generation Healthcare REIT 
28 Sep  OLE  Olea Australis Limited  CUG  Crucible Gold Limited 
27 Sep  EVG  EnviroGold Limited  PGI  PanTerra Gold Limited 
16 Sep BOE Boss Energy Limited BOE Boss Resources Limited
16 Sep ENK European Nickel PLC  ENK ENK PLC 
16 Sep III Icon Resources Ltd CNQ Carbine Tungsten Limited 
15 Sep TTR Tectonic Resources NL PRH Phillips River Mining NL
8 Sep SVC Shell Villages and Resorts Limited SVC SVC Group Limited
31 Aug ASQ ASQ Financial Group Limited CGQ Consolidated Steel Group Limited
29 Aug  KSX  KarmelSonix Ltd  ISN  iSonea Limited 
23 Aug  QUB  Qube Logistics  QUB  Qube Logistics Holdings Limited 
19 Aug  MHL  Monitor Energy Limited  OGY  Orca Energy Limited 
11 Aug  INP  Innamincka Petroleum Limited  ACN  Acer Energy Limited 
10 Aug  DSF  DSF International Holdings Limited  NIU  Niuminco Group Limited 
5 Aug  TUC  Territory Uranium Company Limited  TUC  TUC Resources Limited 
5 Aug  MOD  Medical Corporation Australasia Limited      MOD  MOD Resources Limited 
3 Aug  GOT  Groote Resources Limited  NTM  Northern Manganese Limited 
27 Jul  IPP  IPGA Limited  IPP  iProperty Group Limited 
19 Jul  NTR  NT Resources Ltd  EQU  Equator Resources Ltd 
19 Jul  GPM  GEO Property Group  VLW  Villa World Group 
19 Jul  AAO  Australasia Consolidated Limited   AAO  Adept Solutions Limited  
18 Jul  NAL  Norwood Abbey Limited  SLE  Sino-Excel Energy Limited 
18 Jul  MBA  Mobileactive Limited  MBE  Mobile Embrace Limited 
18 Jul  URM  Uramet Minerals Limited  IZM  Intercept Minerals Ltd 
7 Jul  OGL  Overseas & General Limited          OGL  OGL Resources Limited 
7 Jul  GBM  Greater Bendigo Gold Mines Limited  GBM  GBM Gold Ltd 
1 Jul     BOD  bioMD Limited  AHZ  Allied Healthcare Group Ltd 
27 Jun  QTI  Queensland Trustees and Investment Limited      TAU  Trustees Australia Limited 
24 Jun  CKR  Cockatoo Ridge Wines Limited      CRW  CRW Holdings Limited 
23 Jun  SRR  Shaw River Resources Limited      SRR  Shaw River Manganese Limited 
21 Jun  ALD  Allied Gold Limited  ALD  Allied Gold Mining PLC 
10 Jun  FUT  Future Corporation Australia Limited      OTE  Otis Energy Limited 
9 Jun  CJF  China JXY Food Limited  CJG  China JXY Group Limited 
8 Jun BAA  Bailey Minerals NL CPD Condoto Platinum NL
6 Jun LOD Lodestone Energy Limited CBQ Coalbank Limited
6 Jun CFR Cluff Resources Pacific NL TNR Torian Resources NL
30 May  ITS  ITS Capital Investments Ltd  YBR  Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited 
27 May  MSF The Maryborough Sugar Factory Limited      MSF MSF Sugar Limited 
24 May  AEJ Alinta Energy Limited AEJ Redbank Energy Limited
23 May  USN US Nickel Limited KMC Kalgoorlie Mining Company Ltd 
20 May SWW Solverdi Worldwide Limited     SWW SWW Energy Limited
17 May CYU China Yunnan Copper Australia Limited CYU  Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Ltd
16 May ALG  Alamar Resources Limited MUB Mongolian Resource Corporation Ltd
11 May JAT  Jatoil Limited  JAT  Jatenergy Limited
10 May ATQ Atomic Resources Limited  IEC  Intra Energy Corporation Limited 
9 May WGO  Waratah Gold Limited  WGO Waratah Resources Limited
2 May WAN West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited SWM Seven West Media Limited
21 Apr PYM Pryme Oil & Gas Limited PYM Pryme Energy Limited
21 Apr RHE Rheochem PLC LHD Lochard Energy Group PLC
20 Apr VWM Victory West Moly Limited VWM Victory West Metals Limited
12 Apr BWP Bunnings Warehouse Property Trust BWP BWP Trust
7 Apr ABW Aurora Sandringham Australian Equity Income Trust ABW Aurora Absolute Return Fund
6 Apr IOF ING Office Fund IOF Investa Office Fund
5 Apr MCL M2M Corporation Limited FGF First Growth Funds Limited
30 Mar XCD Xceed Capital Limited XCD Xceed Resources Ltd
25 Mar IMP Imperial Corporation Limited EEG Empire Energy Group Limited
24 Mar PEX Peel Exploration Limited PEX Peel Mining Limited
24 Mar BKP Baraka Petroleum Limited BKP Baraka Energy & Resources Limited
22 Mar BDI Blina Diamonds NL BDI Blina Minerals NL
21 Mar AEJ Alinta Energy Group AEJ Alinta Energy Limited
18 Mar ESN Entellect Solutions Limited ESN Entellect Limited
17 Mar WCR Winchester Resources Limited KRA Killara Resources Limited
15 Mar OFG Over Fifty Group Limited CNI Centuria Capital Limited
15 Mar AUJ Augustus Minerals Limited HAS Hastings Rare Metals Ltd 
3 Mar KNL Kagera Nickel Limited KNL Kibaran Nickel Limited
3 Mar RMC RIMCapital Limited CBS Cabral Resources Limited
2 Mar CLU Cloncurry Metals Limited GRM Global Resources Corporation Limited
1 Mar AGY Argosy Minerals Inc AGY Argosy Minerals Limited
25 Feb RTL RTL Corporation Limited MOZ Mozambi Coal Limited
24 Feb AEA Altera Resources Limited CKA Cokal Limited
23 Feb AQG Anatolia Mineral Developments Limited AQG Alacer Gold Corp.
23 Feb AGV Australian Gold Investments Limited QBL Queensland Bauxite Limited
22 Feb SRQ Straits Metals Limited SRQ Straits Resources Limited
18 Feb CWH China West International Holdings Limited CWH CWH Resources Ltd 
18 Feb ECE E-Com Multi Limited RRI Rico Resources Limited
17 Feb EEE Empire Beer Group Limited CPZ Car Parking Technologies Limited
17 Feb RND Rand Mining NL RND Rand Mining Limited
17 Feb TBR Tribune Resources NL TBR Tribune Resources Limited
16 Feb SRL Straits Resources Limited ICL International Coal Holdings Limited
14 Feb VPE Victoria Petroleum NL     SXY Senex Energy Limited
8 Feb  NTU  Northern Uranium Limited  NTU  Northern Minerals Limited 
1 Feb  CMW  Cromwell Group  CMW  Cromwell Property Group
28 Jan  MUI  Media Group International Limited  MUI  MUI Corporation Limited
24 Jan BZM Brazilian Metals Group Limited BMG Brazilian Metals Group Limited
24 Jan GPB Global Properties Limited AKP  Audio Pixels Holdings Limited
21 Jan MRY Monteray Group Limited MRY Monteray Mining Group Ltd
20 Jan  AGQ  Australian Motor Finance Group Limited  OEG  Orpheus Energy Limited
13 Jan  SMZ  Stirling Minerals Limited  AKI  African Iron Limited
7 Jan  SVG  Saint Istvan Gold Limited WFE Winmar Resources Limited

*as at commencement of trading on that day

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