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View companies which have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2012.

Further information on companies that have changed their name, including a summary of all changes for each company, can be found at

Although ASX believes that every care is taken in the compilation of the information on delisted it cannot warrant its accuracy and is not liable for any errors or omissions.


As of* Old details New details
31 Dec ROB  Robe Australia Limited MRF Mongolian Resources Limited
31 Dec VWM Victory West Metals Limited SXI South East Asia Resources Limited
21 Dec  HDF  Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund  HDF  APA Sub Group 
20 Dec  AAE  Agri Energy Limited  SCY  Sirocco Energy Ltd 
19 Dec  AJJ  Asian Centre for Liver Diseases and Transplantation Limited  AJJ  Asian American Medical Group Limited 
18 Dec  SYM  Symex Holdings Limited  PTL  Pental Limited 
14 Dec  RRI  Rico Resources Limited  OGH  Ochre Group Holdings Limited 
13 Dec  SKM  Sunseeker Minerals Limited  BSP  Black Star Petroleum Limited 
11 Dec  AVZ  Avonlea Minerals Limited      AVZ  AVZ Minerals Limited 
10 Dec  KRE  Kimberley Rare Earths Limited  AWV  Anova Metals Limited 
10 Dec  IAW  Integrated Legal Holdings Limited  IAW  ILH Group Limited 
10 Dec  FMJ  Fortis Mining Limited  KPC  Kazakhstan Potash Corporation Limited 
10 Dec EPC  Epic Resources Limited  AZQ  Ascot Resources Limited 
7 Dec  WFM  Webfirm Group Limited  ADJ  Adslot Ltd 
7 Dec  RUL  Runge Limited  RUL  RungePincockMinaro Limited 
7 Dec  NAD  North Australian Diamonds Ltd  MED  Merlin Diamonds Limited 
7 Dec  EIO  Energio Limited  KFE  Kogi Iron Limited 
7 Dec  EMS  Eastland Medical Systems Ltd  SUD  Suda Ltd 
6 Dec  HUM  Humanis Group Limited  BUE  Bluestone Global Limited 
6 Dec  DMX  Dolomatrix International Limited  DMX  DMX Corporation Limited 
5 Dec  QRN  QR National Limited  AZJ  Aurizon Holdings Limited 
5 Dec  WMN  Western Manganese Limited  WMN  Western Mining Network Limited 
5 Dec  CIG  Caspian Oil and Gas Limited  EQE  Equus Mining Limited 
3 Dec  WTG  Wintech Group Limited  DIR  Direct Nickel Limited 
3 Dec  EPG  European Gas Limited  FZR  Fitzroy River Corporation Ltd 
30 Nov  TEU  Top End Uranium Ltd  TND  Top End Minerals Limited 
30 Nov  IPR  Ipernica Limited  NEA  Nearmap Ltd
30 Nov  ABQ  Allied Brands Limited  ABQ  Allied Consolidated Limited 
29 Nov  HEM  Hemisphere Resources Limited  NXM  Nexus Minerals Limited 
27 Nov  SWN  Silver Swan Group Limited  CVV  Caravel Minerals Limited 

27 Nov

MBD Marbletrend Group Limited MBD MBD Corporation Limited 
26 Nov  IEF  IEF Real Estate Entertainment Group  LTN  Lantern Hotel Group 
26 Nov  OYM  Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc  BEZ  Besra Gold Inc 
22 Nov  AAO  Adept Solutions Limited  EML  Emerchants Limited 
21 Nov  TNV  Terranova Minerals NL      AOU  Auroch Minerals NL 
20 Nov  QUB  Qube Logistics Holdings Limited  QUB  Qube Holdings Limited 
14 Nov  GSF  GSF Corporation Limited  YOW  Yowie Group Ltd 
13 Nov  TLG  Talga Gold Limited  TLG  Talga Resources Ltd 
12 Nov  STZ  Strzelecki Metals Limited  WOF  Wolf Petroleum Limited 
9 Nov  OMX  Ormil Energy Limited  MPE  Magnum Gas & Power Limited 
7 Nov  SBI  Sterling Biofuels International Limited  SBI  Sterling Plantations Limited 
7 Nov  EHG  Ellect Holdings Limited      EHG  EHG Corporation Limited 
1 Nov CRJ  Copper Range Limited      CRJ  Caravel Energy Limited 
31 Oct NUW  NuWorld Solutions Limited KSN Kingston Resources Limited
30 Oct  STK  Strickland Resources Limited  OGX  Orinoco Gold Limited 
29 Oct  BCR  Blackcrest Resources Limited  BLH  Bligh Mining Limited 
29 Oct HIP Hyperion Flagship Investments Limited FSI Flagship Investments Limited
23 Oct  IJH  iShares S&P MidCap 400 Index Fund  IJH  iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF 
23 Oct  IJR  iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Index Fund  IJR  iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF 
23 Oct  IVV  iShares S&P 500 Index Fund  IVV  iShares Core S&P 500 ETF 
22 Oct  CRK  Carrick Gold Limited  KGM  KalNorth Gold Mines Limited 
18 Oct  JHX  James Hardie Industries SE  JHX  James Hardie Industries PLC 
18 Oct  LOM  Lonrho Mining Limited      LOM  Lucapa Diamond Company Limited 
16 Oct  HYO  Hyro Limited  IVO  Invigor Group Limited 
10 Oct  VRE  View Resources Ltd  CLA  Celsius Coal Limited 
9 Oct  MRJ  Meridien Resources Limited  SWJ  Stonewall Resources Limited 
3 Oct CUU Callabonna Uranium Ltd CUU Callabonna Resources Ltd
25 Sep  WNI  Wah Nam International Holdings Limited  BCK  Brockman Mining Limited 
20 Sep  FWA  Farmworks Australia Limited  CQA  Conquest Agri Limited 
17 Sep  MUN  Mundo Minerals Limited  MIZ  Minera Gold Limited 
13 Sep  DGI  Digislide Holdings Limited  DGI  DGI Holdings Limited 
12 Sep  CGV  Clean Global Energy Limited  CTR  Citation Resources Ltd 
6 Sep  MZI  Matilda Zircon Limited  MZI  MZI Resources Ltd 
6 Sep  HEA  Health Corporation Limited  ERI  Erin Resources Limited 
5 Sep  CBZ  CBio Limited  IVX  Invion Limited 
31 Aug  MIK  Mikoh Corporation Limited  KKL  Kollakorn Corporation Limited 
31 Aug EQF Equities and Freeholds Limited EAS Easton Investments Limited
30 Aug  AQR  Aussie Q Resources Limited      AQR  Aeon Metals Limited 
28 Aug  BUT  Bright Star Resources Limited  RVY  Rift Valley Resources Limited 
27 Aug  PRE  Pacrim Energy Limited  RCF  Redcliffe Resources Limited 
24 Aug SKC Sky City Entertainment Group Limited SKC Skycity Entertainment Group Limited
23 Aug  AUV  Australis Mining Corporation Limited  AUV  AUV Enterprises Limited 
22 Aug  SLT  Select Vaccines Limited  SLT  Select Exploration Limited 
21 Aug  CPB  Campbell Brothers Limited  ALQ  ALS Limited 
16 Aug  ORC  Orchid Capital Ltd  CSP  Coral Sea Petroleum Ltd 
9 Aug  MET  Mt.Isa Metals Ltd  OBS  Orbis Gold Limited 
18 Jul KNL  Kibaran Nickel Limited  KNL  Kibaran Resources Limited 
13 Jul WWG  World Wide Entertainment Group Limited  ABF Ausmani Limited 
 9 Jul EUL  Eclipse Metals Limited  EPM  Eclipse Metals Limited 
 6 Jul CNK Condor Metals Limited  ICG  Inca Minerals Limited
 3 Jul  PGA Photon Group Limited EGG Enero Group Limited
 3 Jul  EUL Eclipse Uranium Ltd  EUL Eclipse Metals Limited
 2 Jul OST  OneSteel Limited  ARI Arrium Limited 
21 Jun  GDN  Golden State Resources Limited  AWD  Aleator Energy Limited 
21 Jun  FER  Fermiscan Holdings Limited  TPP  Tempo Australia Ltd 
15 Jun  CFX  CFS Retail Property Trust  CFX  CFS Retail Property Trust Group 
14 Jun  CHM  Chameleon Mining NL  KPR  Kupang Resources Ltd 
13 Jun  FLS  Fluorotechnics Limited      LMB  Lamboo Resources Limited 
13 Jun  ILF  ING Real Estate Community Living Group  INA  Ingenia Communities Group 
13 Jun  MPD  Millepede International Limited      AYB  Australian Natural Proteins Limited 
12 Jun  EDM  Eldore Mining Corporation Limited  SAT  Stratos Resources Limited 
8 Jun  UTO  U308 Limited  AYE  Avocet Resources Limited 
1 Jun  ECM  East Coast Minerals NL  GSZ  Global Strategic Metals NL 
31 May  MGK  MIL Resources Limited  FOY  Foyson Resources Limited 
17 May HTM Heritage Gold NZ Limited NTL  New Talisman Gold Mines Limited
16 May IRE IRESS Market Technology Limited IRE IRESS Limited 
14 May  CKP  Cheviot Kirribilly Vineyard Property Group  CKP  Cheviot Kirribilly Vineyard Property Limited 
9 May  ATR  Astron Limited      ATR  Astron Corporation Limited 
9 May MKE  Mako Energy Limited MKE Mako Hydrocarbons Ltd.
2 May  HZL  Healthzone Limited  HZL  HZ Lim Ltd 
24 Apr EDS Every Day Mine Services Limited HDX Hughes Drilling Limited
18 Apr  ETH  Ethan Minerals Limited  PSC  Prospect Resources Limited 
13 Apr  FRR  Frigrite Limited  FRR  FRR Corporation Limited 
10 Apr  PCC  Probiomics Limited  BXN  Bioxyne Limited 
30 Mar TNP  Tango Petroleum Limited TNP Triple Energy Limited
29 Mar  RHM  Richmond Mining Limited  NVI  Nevada Iron Ltd 
28 Mar  KOV  Korvest Limited  KOV  Korvest Ltd 
9 Mar CXN  Connxion Limited CRV Core Services Group Limited
8 Mar  PTO  Photo-Me Australia Limited  PTO  PTO Consolidated Limited 
7 Mar  RAI  Raisama Limited  RAI  Raisama Energy Limited 
6 Mar  ATW  Atos Wellness Ltd  ATW  ATW Holdings Limited 
5 Mar  MRP  MacPhersons Reward Gold Limited  MRP  MacPhersons Resources Limited 
2 Mar  ACZ  Atticus Resources Limited  ZAM  Zamanco Minerals Limited 
23 Feb  AAT  Autron Corporation Limited  AAT  AAT Corporation Limited 
10 Feb  IEF  ING Real Estate Entertainment Fund  IEF  IEF Real Estate Entertainment Group 
9 Feb  MOV  Moore Australasia (Holdings) Limited  MOV  MOV Corpration Limited 
3 Feb  PLD  Portland Orthopaedics Limited  PLD  PLD Corporation Limited 
31 Jan SSC  Sultan Corporation Limited BMB Balamara Resources Limited 
31 Jan OIP Orion Petroleum Limited PRL Petrel Energy Limited
25 Jan  NCR  Nucoal Resources NL  NCR  Nucoal Resources Limited 
23 Jan  BBX  BBX Holdings Limited  BBX  BBX Minerals Limited 
19 Jan  PWR Powerlan Limited  CYO  Clarity OSS Limited 
17 Jan DSQ  Datasquirt Limited DSQ DSQ Holdings Limited 
17 Jan GNI  Global Nickel Investments NL GXN  Global Metals Exploration NL 
17 Jan INE  India Equities Fund Limited MVT Mercantile Investment Company Ltd 
12 Jan  CGQ  Consolidated Steel Group Limited  CFY  CFT Energy Limited 
12 Jan FTD  FTD Corporation Ltd CUI Centium Electric Limited
12 Jan  TRY  Troy Resources NL  TRY  Troy Resources Limited 
11 Jan  TSH  TSV Holdings Limited  AZV  Azure Healthcare Limited 
6 Jan  BOM  Bondi Mining Limited  WTR  World Titanium Resources Limited 
5 Jan ERH Eromanga Hydrocarbons Limited WLR World Oil Resources Ltd

*as at commencement of trading on that day

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