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Agricultural derivatives

Proud Sponsor of AGIC Melbourne 2014

Thank you for joining us at the ASX Welcome drinks and for visiting the ASX Team at Booth 28 during the Australian Grains Industry Conference. We gave delegates the opportunity to win 2 iPads by entering the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and Guess the Weight of the grains jar competition. We had 62 entries and the charts below outline the varying results.




ASX is pleased to announce the winners:


1. VWAP = $272.90

 Steve Whillas (Willo) from EP Integrated Commodities guessed $273.00.


2. Guess the Weight = 599 grams

 Jay Gartner from Macquarie Bank guessed 600 grams.


Congratulations to Steve and Jay. Thank you again for entering and we hope to see you at AGIC 2015.

Where it all began

Like many of the world’s benchmark futures exchanges, the origin of futures trading in Australia was in agricultural markets. ASX 24 commenced operations in 1960 as the Sydney Greasy Wool Futures Exchange. Fifty four years later, ASX is very proud to service the risk management needs of Australia’s grain industry.

What markets are currently on offer?

Agricultural derivatives are leveraged products that allow you to hedge, trade or gain exposure to an underlying commodity. ASX operates the ASX grain futures and options market.

ASX Grain Market Incentive Schemes

ASX is pleased to announce two new incentive schemes which are effective 1 March 2014: 

To learn more about how your business can become involved in the ASX Grain Market, please click here.

Who uses these products?

If you have an interest in Australian grain, ASX provides a public forum for transparent price discovery and opportunity for you to manage your risk or implement your investment strategy. Key market stakeholders include:

  • Growers
  • International and domestic traders and exporters
  • International and domestic end-users
  • Banks
  • Funds
  • Market makers
  • Speculators.