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Delivery Information


ASX Wool Futures


Greasy Wool
(ASX 24)

Maturity Calendar

Greasy Wool

Approved Warehouses and Locations

Greasy Wool

 Delivery Guides

  Sellers: making Delivery  (PDF286KB)

Buyers: taking Delivery (PDF 768KB)

Approved Warehouses: facilitating Delivery (PDF 361KB)

 Greasy Wool 21 Micron Deliverable Stock Criteria (PDF 40KB)

Delivery Documentation 

AWTA Test Certificates (PDF 1.94MB)
Warehouse Receipt (PDF 1MB)

AWEX Reports

Greasy Wool Certification Deadline (PDF 81KB)

 Greasy Wool Audit Report (PDF 296KB) 

Premiums and Discounts

AWEX Greasy Wool Premium & Discount Schedule (PDF 20KB)

 Clearing Participant Forms

 Ending Position Confirmation Form (PDF 19KB)

Market news

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