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Delivery information


  • The maturity calendar outlines the delivery periods for futures and expiry dates for options as stipulated in the contract specifications.



  • Delivery procedures - lists the procedures for sellers, buyers and clearing participants of ASX Clear (Futures). 

What is the ASX 24 Delivery Fee?

What has been lodged for potential delivery?

  • Grain stock holdings report - notes the stock currently lodged with ASX Clear (Futures). This stock could possibly be used for delivery against open sold positions in the ASX grain futures market but is not obligated to be tendered.

Once delivery has occurred how is the price adjusted?

Exchange for physical trade: an alternative if you don't want to make or take delivery through ASX

Exchange for physical (EFP) trade provides traders with large hedge positions on ASX with an alternative means to unwind a position in an efficient manner. Rather than make or take delivery, you may be interested in executing an EFP. The EFP is a type of trade that enables large scale hedgers to unwind positions in conjunction with an offsetting physical trade or financial instrument, which are facilitated in accordance with the ASX 24 Operating Rules (4800-04).