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Trading information

Contract specifications

Contract specifications (PDF 260KB) for all ASX 24 Futures and Options contracts.

Market Access Information

Calendar Spread Trading Facilities

Intra spreads allow trading between listed months of 90 Day Bank Bill Futures on a price differential basis.

  • Implied Prices
    ASX Trade24 generates implied (IN and OUT) prices for intra spreads. An Implied IN price is a spread price generated from two outright prices, implied or otherwise, in different contract months. An Implied OUT price is an outright price in one contract month generated generated from an outright price, implied or otherwise in a different contract month and a spread price, implied or otherwise, between the two contract months.
  • Intra spread pricing
    Intra spreads allow trading between listed months of a specific contract on a price differential basis. The price differential is calculated by taking the FAR month price from the NEAR month price. The near month of an intra spread is defined as the month with the closest expiry date.

Please refer to ASX Trade24 Developer’s Guide - Markets & Functionalities for more information.

Off Market Trading Facilities

  • Exchange for Physicals - enables customers to swap futures and options exposure for an offsetting stock position. 
  • Block Trade Facility - enables professional market users to arrange and transact orders of significant size in specified contracts. 

Hours of operation

  • ASX Trade24 Trading hours - day and night session trading hours by contract.
  • ASX Trade24 Holiday Schedule - information on early and full market closes for the current and past calendar years.  The Holiday schedule covers both the Australian and New Zealand markets.
  • Expiry Calendar (PDF 330KB) - Expiry date and time information for all Australian and New Zealand futures and futures options contracts.  The calendar also contains post expiry clearing time schedules.

ASX 24 Fees and Charges

Download the ASX 24 Fees and Charges schedule (PDF 330KB)

Clearing and margins

Trading and clearing systems

The ASX System Status pages provide information on ASX Trade24 and ASX Clear (Futures).

Rule information

ASX 24 Operating Rules

Market news

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