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Dividend cashflow

ASX-listed CFDs replicate the dividends or earning rate paid by the underlying instrument.

ASX equity CFDs

Long ASX equity CFD positions receive the dividend cashflow and short positions pay the dividend cashflow. Positions are calculated at the close of trading on the last day cum dividend. The dividend cashflow is payable and received the following day (the first day ex dividend). Find upcoming dividends and franking credits.

Note: The timing for payment/receipt of the dividend cashflow is different to that of the underlying shares. In shares, payment of dividends occur some weeks after the ex-date. In ASX-listed CFDs the dividend cashflow is paid or received on the ex-date.

ASX index CFDs

When a share in an index goes ex-dividend, the ASX index CFD recognises the dividend and generates a dividend cashflow. This cashflow mirrors what would have been paid or received had someone held the physical share as part of the overall index. As with ASX Equity CFDs, longs receive and shorts pay the dividend cashflow.