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Upcoming dividends and franking credits

Many ASX-listed companies on which ASX equity CFDs are based pay dividends twice each year, usually as an 'interim' dividend and a 'final' dividend. Companies are not limited to paying twice a year and may pay more or less frequently. A company may also pay a 'special' dividend, related to a particular event. ASX-listed CFDs replicate the dividends or earning rate paid by the underlying instrument, referred to as the dividend cashflow. In addition to the dividend, equities may have a franking credit with them of a value, which for ASX equity CFDs is described as the franking credit cashflow (FCC).

Detailed dividend data is usually available on the day after the company has announced the dividend. It may take longer for the data to be available however it will generally be available before the 'ex dividend' date.  Only cash dividends are displayed.

ASX-listed CFDs are quoted 'ex dividend' on the same data as the underlying stock goes ex dividend.  The share price (and therefore ASX-listed CFD) may fall on the ex dividend date, with the fall in price being related to the amount of dividend being paid.  

The upcoming dividend and franking credit cashflows report for ASX equity CFDs ex dividend dates provides information on announced dvidends for ASX equity CFDs.