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ETFs and other ETPs

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) is the family name for the group of products comprising exchange-traded funds (ETFs), managed funds (MF) and structured products (SPs). There are over 90 ETPs accessible through ASX.

Exchange-traded products are financial products traded on an exchange that invest in or give exposure to securities (shares) or other assets such as commodities. Most ETPs generally seek to track the performance of a specified index or benchmark (such as the S&P/ASX 200 index) or a currency such as the USD or a commodity such as gold.

ETPs are open-ended, which means that the number of units on issue is not fixed but can increase or decrease in response to demand and supply from investors. This assists in ensuring that the ETPs trade at or near their net asset value (NAV). ETPs trade, clear and settle in the same way as shares on the ASX.

ETPs can offer exposures across a range of asset classes including;

  • Australian ETPs
  • International ETPs
  • Commodity ETPs
  • Fixed income ETPsĀ 
  • Currency ETPs
  • Cash ETPs.

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