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Managed Funds and ETP product list

Research Managed Funds (A-REITs, Absolute Return Funds, LICs / LITs and Pooled Development Funds)and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) by clicking on the ASX code for delayed prices, recent announcements, price history charts, past dividends and contact details. You can also go to individual websites by clicking on the name.

Note: MER (management expense ratio) figures have been extracted from the relevant PDS or as updated by the issuer of the product. Under the Corporations Regulations, management costs do not include transactional or operational costs or certain other fees and costs which may apply. Such costs may be significant. When considering a product or comparing between products you should refer to the relevant PDS(s) for more information on any additional costs associated with each product. You should obtain independent professional investment advice tailored to your specific circumstances prior to making any investment decision.

Latest product announcements


Exposure  ASX Code Type  Listing Date Chart Announcements
360 Capital Industrial Fund TIX Units Dec-12 Recent
Abacus Property Group ABP Stapled Nov-02 Recent
Australian Industrial REIT ANI Units Oct-13 Recent
Carindale Property CDP Units Jun-99 Recent
Charter Hall Group CHC Stapled Jun-06 Recent
DEXUS Property Group DXS Stapled Oct-04 Recent
Folkestone Social Infrastructure Trust FST Stapled Feb-11 Recent
Novion Property Group NVN Stapled Apr-94 Recent
360 Capital Group TGP Stapled Jul-05 Recent
360 Capital Office Fund TOF Units Apr-14 Recent
Asia Pacific Data Centre Group AJD Stapled May-13 Recent
Astro Japan Property Group AJA Stapled Apr-05 Recent
Centuria Metropolitan REIT CMA Stapled Feb-73 Recent
Cromwell Property Group CMW Stapled Feb-73 Recent
Folkstone Education Trust  FET Units May-03 Recent
GDI Property Group GDI Stapled Dec-13 Recent
Goodman Group GMG Stapled Feb-05 Recent
GPT Metro Office Fund GMF Units Oct-14 Recent
Investa Office Fund IOF Stapled Jan-00 Recent
National Storage REIT NSR Stapled Dec-13 Recent
US Masters Residential Property Fund URF Units Jul-12 Recent
Viva Energy REIT VVR Stapled Aug-16 Recent
360 Capital Total Return Fund TOT Stapled Apr-15 Recent
Agricultural Land Trust AGJ Units Apr-03 Recent
AIMS Property Securities Fund APW Units Dec-04 Recent
Arena REIT ARF Stapled Jun-13 Recent
Aspen Group APZ Stapled Apr-91 Recent
BWP Trust BWP Units Sep-98 Recent
Brookfield Prime Property Fund BPA Units Jun-11 Recent
BlackWall Property Fund   BWF Units Oct-11 Recent
BlackWall Property Trust BWR Units Oct-11 Recent
Galileo Japan Trust GJT Units Dec-06 Recent
Generation Healthcare REIT GHC Units May-06 Recent
Hotel Property Investments HPI Stapled Dec-13 Recent
Industria REIT Fund IDR Stapled Dec-13 Recent
Mirvac Group MGR Stapled Jun-99 Recent
Multiplex European Property Fund MUE Units Jul-07 Recent
Real Estate Capital Partners USA Property Trust RCU Units Nov-05 Recent
RNY Property Trust RNY Units Sep-06 Recent
Rural Fund Group RFF Stapled Feb-14 Recent
Unity Pacific Group UPG Stapled Dec-14 Recent
Growthpoint Properties Australia GOZ Stapled Jul-07 Recent
Ingenia Communities Group INA Stapled Jul-04 Recent
Charter Hall Retail REIT CQR Units Nov-96 Recent
Vicinity Centres  VCX Stapled Dec-11 Recent
GPT Group GPT Stapled Apr-71 Recent
Lantern Hotel Group LTN Stapled Jul-04 Recent
Scentre Group SCG Stapled Jun-14 Recent
Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group SCP Stapled Nov-12 Recent
Westfield Corporation WFD Stapled Jun-14 Recent
ALE Property Group LEP Stapled Nov-03 Recent
Stockland SGP Stapled Apr-88 Recent

Name ASX Code Type Benchmark MER% Listing Date Chart Announcements
Alternative Investment Trust AIQ Units - 0.75 Apr-05 Recent
Armidale Investment Corporation Limited AIK Units - - Jan-03 Recent
Aurora Absolute Return Fund ABW Units RBA Cash Rate 0.00 Jul-06 Recent
Australian Enhanced Income Fund AYF Units UBS Warburg Bank Bill Index - Oct -06 Recent
Australian Leaders Fund Limited ALF Shares XJOAI 2.72 Feb-04 Recent
Hastings High Yield Fund HHY Units - - Apr-05 Recent
Katana Capital KAT Shares XAOAI 1.25 yes to out per fee Dec-05 Recent
Millinium's Alternatives Fund MAX Units     Dec-06 Recent
WAA Active WAA Shares XAOAI 2.7 Jan-08 Recent

ETF - Exchange Traded Funds
MF - Managed Fund
SP - Structured Product
*Share - Redeemable preference share

Specific risks for fixed income, inverse, leveraged, single-asset and synthetic ETPs as well as Structured Products can be found here.

Exposure ASX Code


iNAV Code Benchmark Lev/ Inv Options MER% Admission Date Chart Announcements
Equity - Australia
ANZ ETFS S&P/ASX 100 ETF ZOZI ETF   S&P/ASX 100 Index     0.24 Jun-15 Recent
BetaShares FTSE RAFI Australia 200 ETF QOZ ETF  YQOZ FTSE RAFI Australia 200


  0.30 Jul-13


iShares  Core S&P/ASX 200 ETF IOZ ETF   S&P/ASX 200     0.15 Dec-10 Recent
iShares S&P/ASX 20 ETF ILC ETF   S&P/ASX 20     0.24 Dec-10 Recent
iShares S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries ETF ISO ETF   S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries     0.55 Dec-10 Recent
VanEck Vectors Australian Equal Weight ETF MVW ETF   MVIS Australia Equal Weight Index     0.35 Mar-14 Recent
VanEck Vectors Small Cap Dividend Payers ETF MVS ETF YMVS MVIS Australia Small-Cap Dividned Payers Index     0.49 May-15 Recent
SPDR 200 Fund STW ETF  YSTW S&P/ASX 200     0.19 Aug-01 Recent
SPDR 50 Fund SFY ETF  YSFY S&P/ASX 50     0.28 Aug-01 Recent
SPDR S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Fund SSO ETF  YSSO S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries     0.50 Apr-11 Recent
UBS IQ MSCI Australia Ethical UBA ETF YUBA MSCI Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index     0.17 Feb-15 Recent
Vanguard Australian Shares Index VAS ETF   S&P/ASX 300     0.15 May-09 Recent
Vanguard MSCI Australian Large Companies Index VLC ETF   MSCI Large Cap Index     0.20 May-11 Recent
Vanguard MSCI Australian Small Companies Index VSO ETF   MSCI Small Cap Index     0.30 May-11 Recent
Equity - Australian Sectors
Beta Shares S&P/ASX 200 Financials Sector ETF  QFN ETF   S&P/ASX 200 Financials     0.39 Dec-10 Recent
Beta Shares S&P/ASX 200 Resources Sector ETF QRE ETF   S&P/ASX 200 Resources     0.39 Dec-10 Recent
VanEck Vectors Australian Property ETF MVA ETF  YMVA MVIS Australian A-REIT Index     0.35 Oct-13 Recent
VanEck Vectors Australian Banks ETF MVB ETF  YMVB MVIS Australian Banks Index     0.28 Oct-13 Recent
VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX Midcap ETF MVE ETF  YMVE S&P/ASX MidCap 50 Index     0.49 Oct-13 Recent
VanEck Vectors Australian Resources ETF MVR ETF  YMVR MVIS Australian Energy & Mining Index    


Oct-13 Recent
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Listed Property Fund SLF ETF  YSLF S&P/ASX 200 A-REITs     0.40 Feb-02 Recent
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Financials ex A-REITS Fund OZF ETF  YOZF S&P/ASX 200 X-A-REITs     0.40 Apr-11 Recent
SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Resources Fund OZR ETF  YOZR S&P/ASX 200 Resources     0.40 Apr-11 Recent
Vanguard Australian Property Securities Index ETF VAP ETF   S&P/ASX 300 A-REITs     0.25 Oct-10 Recent
Equity - Global
Schroders Real Return Fund (Managed Fund) GROW MF   RBA Inflation rate (Consumer Price Index) - trimmed mean + 5% pa.     0.90 Aug-16 Recent
AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund) DMKT MF   RBA Inflation rate (Consumer Price Index) - trimmed mean + 4.5% pa.     0.48 Aug-16 Recent
Magellan Infrastructure Fund (Currency Hedged) (Managed Fund) MICH MF   S&P Global Infrastructure Index A$ Hedged Net Total Return     0.95 Jul-16 Recent
ANZ EURO STOXX 50 ETF ESTX ETF   Euro Stoxx 50     0.35 Jul-16 Recent
ANZ ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF ZYUS ETF   S&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend Index     0.35 Jun-15 Recent
BetaShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 ETF QUS ETF   FTSE RAFI US 1000     0.40 Dec-14 Recent
BetaShares Geared US Equity Fund - Currency Hedged (Hedge Fund) GGUS MF   S&P 500 Hedged AUD Lev   0.74 Aug-15 Recent
BetaShares Managed Risk Global Share Fund (Managed Fund) WRLD MF         0.39 Dec-15 Recent
Betashares NASDAQ 100 NDQ ETF   NASDAQ 100     0.38 May-15 Recent
Betashares S&P500 Yield Maximiser Fund (Managed Fund) UMAX MF   S&P 500   Opt 0.59 Sep-14 Recent
BetaShares WisdomTree Europe ETF - Currency Hedged HEUR ETF   WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Index     0.51 May-15 Recent
BetaShares WisdomTree Japan ETF - Currency Hedged HJPN ETF   WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Index     0.51 May-15 Recent
iShares Asia 50 ETF IAA ETF   S&P Asia 50     0.50 Sep-08 Recent
iShares Core MSCI World All Cap AUD Hedged ETF IHWL ETF   MSCI World Investable Market Index (Net TR) 100% Heged to AUD     0.19 Apr-16 Recent
iShares Core MSCI World All Cap ETF IWLD ETF   MSCI World Investable Market Index (Net TR)     0.16 Apr-16 Recent
iShares MSCI BRIC ETF IBK ETF   MSCI BRIC     0.69 Sept-08 Recent
iShares MSCI Taiwan ETF  ITW ETF   MSCI Taiwan     0.62 Nov-07 Recent
iShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETF IKO ETF   MSCI South Korea Capped Index Fund     0.62 Nov-07 Recent
iShares MSCI Hong Kong ETF IHK ETF   MSCI Hong Kong     0.48 Nov-07 Recent
iShares MSCI Singapore ETF ISG ETF   MSCI Singapore     0.48 Nov-07 Recent
iShares Russell 2000 ETF IRU ETF   Russell 2000     0.20 Nov-07 Recent
iShares China Large-Cap ETF IZZ ETF   FTSE China 25     0.74 Nov-07 Recent
iShares MSCI Japan ETF IJP ETF   MSCI Japan     0.48 Oct-07 Recent
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF IEM ETF   MSCI Emerging Markets     0.68 Oct-07 Recent
iShares Global 100 ETF IOO ETF   S&P Global 100     0.40 Oct-07 Recent
iShares Global 100 AUD Hedged IHOO ETF   S&P Global 100 Hedged AUD     0.43 Dec-14 Recent
iShares S&P 500 IVV ETF   S&P 500    




iShares S&P 500 AUD Hedged IHVV ETF   S&P 500 Hedged AUD     0.10 Dec-14 Recent
iShares S&P MidCap 400 IJH ETF   S&P Midcap 400     0.12 Oct-07 Recent
iShares S&P SmallCap 600 IJR ETF   S&P SmallCap 600     0.12 Oct-07 Recent
iShares MSCI EAFE ETF IVE ETF   MSCI EAFE     0.33 Oct-07 Recent
iShares Europe ETF IEU ETF   S&P Europe 350     0.60 Oct-07 Recent
K2 Global Equities Fund (Hedge Fund) KII MF         2.00 Jul-15 Recent
K2 Australian Small Cap Fund (Hedge Fund) KSM MF         2.05 Dec-15 Recent
Magellan Global Equities Fund (Managed Fund) MGE MF   MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD)     1.35 Mar-15 Recent
Magellan Global Equities Fund Currency Hedged (Managed Fund) MHG MF   MSCI World Net Total Return Index (hedged to AUD)     1.35 Aug-15 Recent
VanEck Vectors ChinaAMC CSI 300 ETF (Synthetic) CETF ETF   CSI 300 Index     0.72 Jun-15 Recent
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF MOAT ETF   Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Index     0.49 Jun-15 Recent
VanEck Vectors MSCI World Ex-Australia ETF QUAL ETF   MSCI World ex Australia Quality Index     0.40 Oct-14 Recent
SPDR MSCI World Quality Mix Fund QMIX ETF   MSIC World Quality Mix Index     0.40 Sep-15 Recent
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Fund WEMG ETF   SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Large Mid Cap Index     0.65 Nov-13 Recent
SPDR S&P Global Dividend Fund WDIV ETF   SPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Fund     0.50 Nov-13 Recent
SPDR S&P World Ex Australia (Hedged) Fund  WXHG ETF   S&P Developed ex Australia LargeMidCap Hedged AUD Index     0.35 Jul-13 Recent
SPDR S&P World Ex Australia Fund  WXOZ ETF   S&P Developed ex Australia LargeMidCap AUD Index.     0.30 Mar-13 Recent
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust SPY ETF   S&P 500     0.09 Oct-14 Recent
UBS IQ MSCI Asia APREX 50 Ethical ETF UBP ETF   MSCI Asia APEX 50 ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index     0.45 May-15 Recent
UBS IQ MSCI World ex Australia Ethical ETF UBW ETF   MSCI World ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index     0.35 Feb-15 Recent
UBS IQ MSCI Europe Ethical ETF UBE ETF   MSCI Europe ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index     0.40 Feb-15 Recent
UBS IQ MSCI Japan Ethical ETF UBJ ETF   MSCI Japan ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index     0.40 Mar-15 Recent
UBS IQ MSCI USA Ethical ETF UBU ETF   MSCI USA ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index     0.20 Feb-15 Recent
Vanguard All-World EX US Shares Index VEU ETF   FTSE All World Ex-US     0.13 May-09 Recent
Vanguard FTSE Asia Ex-Japan Shares index VAE ETF   FTSE Asia Ex-Japan, Australia and New Zealand (with net dividends invested)     0.40 Dec-15 Recent
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets Shares VGE ETF   FTSE Emerging Index (in AUD)     0.48 Nov-13 Recent
Vanguard FTSE Europe Shares ETF VEQ ETF   FTSE Developed Europe Index     0.35 Dec-15 Recent
Vanguard MSCI Index International Series VGS ETF   MSCI World ex-Australia     0.18 Nov-14 Recent
Vanguard MSCI Index International Series (Hedged) VGAD ETF   MSCI World ex-Australia (hedged AUD)     0.21 Nov-14 Recent
Vanguard US Total Market Shares Index VTS ETF   CRSP US Broad Market Index     0.05 May-09 Recent
Equity - Global Sectors
BetaShares Global Healthcare ETF - Currency Hedged DRUG ETF   NASDAQ Global ex-Australia Healthcare Companies Hedged AUD Index     0.47 Aug-16 Recent
BetaShares Global Agriculture Companies ETF - Currency Hedged FOOD ETF   NASDAQ Global ex-Australia Agriculture Companies Hedged AUD Index     0.47 Aug-16 Recent
BetaShares Global Banks ETF - Currency Hedged BNKS ETF   NASDAQ Global ex-Australia Banks Hedged AUD Index     0.47 Aug-16 Recent
BetaShares Global Gold Miners ETF - Currency Hedged MNRS ETF   NASDAQ Global ex-Australia Gold Miners Hedged AUD Index     0.47 Jul-16 Recent
AMP Global Infrastructure Securities Fund (Managed Fund) GLIN MF         0.95 Jun-16 Recent
AMP Capital Global Property Securities Fund (Managed Fund) RENT MF         0.9916 Jun-16 Recent
BetaShares Global Energy Companies ETF - Currency Hedged FUEL ETF   NASDAQ Global ex-Australia Energy Hedged AUD Index     0.47 Jun-16 Recent
iShares Global Consumer Staples ETF IXI ETF   S&P Global Consumer Staples     0.47 Mar-09 Recent
iShares Global Healthcare ETF IXJ ETF   S&P Global Healthcare     0.47 Mar-09 Recent
iShares Global Telecom ETF IXP ETF   S&P Global Telecommunications     0.47 Mar-09 Recent
VanEck Vectors FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ETF IFRA ETF   FTSE Developed Core Infrastructure 50/50 hedged into AUD Index     0.52 May-16 Recent
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF GDX ETF   NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index     0.53 Jun-15 Recent
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate Fund DJRE ETF   SPDR Dow Jones Global Select Real Estate Securities Index     0.50 Nov-13 Recent
Equity - Australian Strategy
ANZ ETFS S&P/ASX 300 High Yield Plus ETF ZYAU ETF   S&P/ASX Shareholder Yield Index     0.35 Jun-15 Recent
Aurora Dividend Income Trust (Managed Fund)  AOD MF   S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index Lev Opt 1.30 Nov-05 Recent
BetaShares Australian Dividend Harvester Fund (Managed Fund) HVST MF   S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index     0.65 Nov-14 Recent
BetaShares Australian Equities Bear (Hedge Fund) BEAR MF   S&P/ASX 200 Inv   1.19 Jul-12 Recent
BetaShares Austrlian Equities Strong Bear (Hedge Fund) BBOZ MF   S&P/ASX 200 Inv / Lev   1.19 Apr-15 Recent
BetaShares Australian Top 20 Equity Yield Maximiser Fund YMAX MF   S&P/ASX 20   Opt 0.59 Nov-12 Recent
BetaShares Geared Australian Equity Fund (Hedge Fund) GEAR MF YGEA S&P/ASX 200 Lev   0.80 May-14 Recent
BetaShares Managed Risk Australian Share Fund (Managed Fund) AUST MF   S&P/ASX 200     0.39 Nov-15 Recent
iShares S&P/ASX Dividend Opportunities Fund ETF IHD ETF   S&P/ASX Dividend Opportunities Index     0.30 Dec-10 Recent
Russell Australian Responsbile Investment ETF RARI ETF   Russell Australia ESG High Dividend Index     0.45 Apr-15 Recent
Russell High Dividend Australian Shares ETF RDV ETF  YRDV Russell High Dividend Index     0.34 May-10 Recent
Russell Australia Value ETF RVL ETF  YRVL Russell Australian Value Index     0.34 Mar-11 Recent
SPDR MSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield Fund SYI ETF  YSYI MSCI Australian Select High Dividend Yield Index     0.35 Sep-10 Recent
VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX Franked Dividend ETF FDIV ETF YFDI S&P/ASX Franked Dividend Index     0.35 May-16 Recent
Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETF VHY ETF   FTSE ASFA Australian High Dividend Yield Index     0.25 May-11 Recent
UBS IQ Morningstar Australia Dividend Yield ETF DIV ETF YDIV Morningstar Australia Dividend Yield Focus Index     0.30 Jan-14 Recent
UBS IQ Morningstar Australian Quality ETF ETF ETF  YETF Morningstar Australia Moat Focus Index     0.30 Oct-12 Recent
ANZ ETFS Physical Renminbi ETF ZCNH ETF   Renminbi     0.30 Jun-15 Recent
ANZ ETFS Physical US Dollar ETF ZUSD ETF   US Dollar     0.30 Jun-15 Recent
BetaShares Euro ETF EEU ETF   Euro     0.45 Jul-11 Recent
BetaShares British Pound ETF POU ETF   British Pound     0.45 Jul-11 Recent
BetaShares U.S. Dollar ETF USD ETF   US Dollar     0.45 Feb-11 Recent
Fixed Income - Australian Dollar
Australian High Interest Cash ETF  AAA ETF   Australian Cash     0.18 Mar-12 Recent
iShares Core Composite Bond ETF IAF ETF   Bloomberg AusBond Composite Index     0.20 Mar-12 Recent
iShares Government Inflation ETF ILB ETF   Bloomberg AusBond Inflation Government Index     0.26 Mar-12 Recent
iShares Treasury ETF IGB ETF   Bloomberg AusBond Treasury Index     0.26 Mar-12 Recent
Russell Australian Government Bond ETF RGB ETF   Australian Government Bonds     0.24 Mar-12 Recent
Russell Australian Semi-Government Bond ETF  RSM ETF   Australian Semi-Government Bonds     0.26 Mar-12 Recent
Russell Australian Select Corporate Bond ETF   RCB ETF   Australian  Corporate Bonds     0.28 Mar-12 Recent
SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Bond Fund  BOND ETF   S&P/ASX Australian Fixed Income Index     0.24 Jul-12 Recent
SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Government Bond Fund  GOVT ETF   S&P /ASX Bond Index     0.22 Jul-12 Recent
Vanguard Australian Corporate Fixed Interest Index Fund VACF ETF   Bloomberg AusBond Credit 0+ Yr Index     0.26 May-16 Recent
Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index   VAF ETF   Bloomberg AusBond Composite Index     0.20 Oct-12 Recent
Vanguard Australian Government Bond Index ETF VGB ETF   Bloomberg AusBond Government Index     0.20 Apr-12 Recent
Fixed Income - Global
iShares Global High Yield Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF IHHY ETF   Markit iBoxx Global Developed markets Liquid High Yield Capped Index (AUD Hedged)     0.56 Dec-15 Recent
iShares Core Global Corporate Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF IHCB ETF   Barclays Global Aggregate Corporate Bond Index (AUD Hedged)     0.26 Dec-15 Recent
iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF IHEB ETF   J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Core Index (AUD Hedged)     0.51 Dec-15 Recent
Vanguard International Credit Securities Index (Hedged) ETF VCF ETF   Barclays Global Aggregate Governement related and Corporate Index hedged into Australian dollars     0.30 Dec-15 Recent
Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) ETF VIF ETF   Barclays Global Treasury Index hedged into Australian dollars     0.20 Dec-15 Recent
ANZ ETFS Physical Gold ETF ZGOL ETF   Gold     0.40 Jun-15 Recent
BetaShares Agricultural ETF - Currency Hedged (Synthetic) QAG ETF   S&P/GSCI Agriculture Index     0.69 Dec-11 Recent
BetaShares Gold Bullion ETF - Currency Hedged QAU ETF   Gold     0.49 May-11 Recent
BetaShares Commodities Basket ETF - Currency Hedged (Synthetic) QCB ETF   S&P/GSCI Light Energy Index     0.69 Dec-11 Recent
BetaShares Crude Oil Index ETF- Currency Hedged (Synthetic) OOO ETF   S&P/GSCI Crude Oil Index     0.69 Nov-11 Recent
ETFS Physical Precious Metal Basket ETPMPM SP   Basket of precious metals     0.44 Jan-09 Recent
ETFS Physical Platinum ETPMPT SP   Platinum     0.49 Jan-09 Recent
ETFS Physical Silver ETPMAG SP   Silver     0.49 Jan-09 Recent
ETFS Physical Palladium ETPMPD SP   Palladium     0.49 Jan-09 Recent
ETFS Physical Gold GOLD Share*   Gold     0.40 Mar-03 Recent
Perth Mint Gold PMGOLD SP   Gold     0.15 Dec-10 Recent



ETF - Exchange Traded Funds
MF - Managed Fund
SP - Structured Product
*Share - Redeemable preference share

#See the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for a full explanation of the Fees and Other Costs

Specific risks for fixed income, inverse, leveraged, single-asset and synthetic ETPs as well as Structured Products can be found here.

Exposure ASX Code


Undelrying Bond Issuer (Parent Entity)


ASX Code of Underlying  Issuer or Parent Entity

MER% Admission Date Chart Announcements
Australian Corporate Bonds
ACBC AGL (MF) YTMAPL MF AGL Energy Limited 5.00% 5 November 2021


# May-16 Recent
ACBC APA (MF) YTMAPA MF APA Pipelines (APA Group) 7.75% 22 July 2020 APA # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Alumina (MF) YTMAWC MF Alumina Limited 5.50% 19 November 2019 AWC # May-16 Recent
ACBC Ausnet (MF) YTMAST MF Ausnet Services Holdings Pty Limited (Ausnet Services Limited) 5.75% 28 June 2022 AST # May-16 Recent
ACBC Aurizon Network (MF) YTMAZJ MF Aurizon Network Pty Ltd (Aurizon Holdings Ltd) 5.75% 28 October 2020 AZJ # May-15 Recent
ACBC BHP Biliton Finance (MF) YTMBHP MF BHP Billiton Finance Ltd (BHP Billiton Ltd) 3.75% 18 October 2017 BHP # May-15 Recent
ACBC BHP Biliton Finance (MF) YTMBH1 MF BHP Billiton Finance Ltd (BHP Billiton Ltd) 3.00% 30 March 2020 BHP # May-16 Recent
ACBC BOQ (MF) YTMBOQ MF Bank of Queensland Limited 4.00% 12 June 2018 BOQ # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Caltex (MF) YTMCTX MF Caltex Australia Limited 7.25% 23 Nov 2018 CTX # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Coca Cola Amatil (MF) YTMCCA MF Coca Cola Amatil Limited 4.25% 13 November 2019 CCA # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Crown Group Finance (MF) YTMCWN MF Crown Group Finance Ltd (Crown Resorts Ltd) 5.75% 18 July 2017 CWN # May-15 Recent
ACBC Downer (MF) YTMDOW MF Downer Group Finance Pty Limited (Downer EDI Limited) 5.75% 29 November 2018 DOW # May-16 Recent
ACBC Downer (MF) YTMDO1 MF Downer Group Finance Pty Limited (Downer EDI Limited) 4.50% 11 March 2022 DOW # May-16 Recent
ACBC Dexus Finance (MF) YTMDXS MF Dexus Finance Pty Ltd (Dexus Property Group) 5.75% 10 September 2018 DXS # May-15 Recent
ACBC GPT RE (MF) YTMGPT MF GPT RE Ltd as RE for the General Property Trust (General Property Trust) 6.75% 24 January 2019 GPT # May-15 Recent
ACBC Incitec Pivot (MF) YTMIPL MF Incitec Pivot Ltd 5.75% 21 February 2019 IPL


May-15 Recent
ACBC Lend Lease Finance (MF) YTMLLC MF Lend Lease Finance Limited (Lend Lease Corporation Limited) 5.50% 13 November 2018 LLC # May-15 Recent
ACBC Lend Lease Finance (MF) YTMLI1 MF Lend Lease Finance Limited (Lend Lease Corporation Limited) 6.00% 13 May 2020 LLC # May-15 Recent
ACBC Mirvac Group Finance (MF) YTMMGR MF Mirvac Group Finance Limited (Mirvac Group) 5.75% 18 September 2020 MGR # May-15 Recent
ACBC Mirvac Group Finance 1 (MF) YTMMG1 MF Mirvac Group Finance Limited (Mirvac Group) 5.50% 18 December 2017 MGR # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC NAB (MF) YTMNAB MF National Australia Bank Limited 4.25% 20 May 2019 NAB # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Novion (MF) YTMNVN MF Novion RE Ltd (as RE for the Novion Trust formerly Commonwealth Managed Investments Ltd as RE for the CFS Retail Property Trust 1) 5.00% 19 December 2019 NVN # May-15 Recent
ACBC Qantas 1 (MF) YTMQF1 MF Qantas Airlines Limited 6.50% 27 April 2020 QAN # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Qantas 2 (MF)  YTMQF2 MF Qantas Airlines Limited 7.50% 11 June 2021 QAN # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Qantas 3 (MF) YTMQF3 MF Qantas Airlines Limited 7.75% 19 May 2022 QAN # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Scentre Group (MF) YTMSCG MF RE1 Ltd as Trustee and RE of Westfield Retail Trust 1 (Scentre Group) 5.00% 23 October 2019 SCG # May-15 Recent
ACBC Stockland Trust (MF) YTMSGP MF Stockland Trust Management Ltd as RE for the Stockland Trust (Stockland) 5.50% 6 September 2019 SGP # May-15 Recent
ACBC Stockland Trust 1 (MF) YTMSG1 MF Stockland Trust Management Ltd as RE for the Stockland Trust (Stockland) 8.25% 25 November 2020 SGP # May-15 Recent
ACBC Sydney Airport (MF) YTMSYD MF Sydney Airport Finance Company Pty Ltd (Sydney Airport) 7.75% 6 July 2018 SYD # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC Telstra Corporation (MF) YTMTLS MF Telstra Corporation Limited 7.75% 15 July 2020 TLS # May-15 Recent
ACBC Wesfarmers (MF) YTMWES MF Wesfarmers Limited 6.25% 28 March 2019 WES # May-15 Recent
ACBC Wesfarmers 1 (MF) YTMWE1 MF Wesfarmers Limited 4.75% 12 March 2020 WES # May-15 Recent
ACBC Woolworths (MF) YTMWOW MF Woolworths Limited 6.00% 21 March 2019 WOW # May-15 Recent
ACBC  AMP (MF) YTMF01 MF AMP Bank Limited (AMP Limited) 6 June 2018 FRN (3 Month BBSW +0.87%) AMP # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC BOQ (MF) YTMF02 MF Bank of Queensland Limited 7 November 2016 FRN (3 Month BBSW +1.15%) BOQ # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC BOQ 1(MF) YTMF03 MF Bank of Queensland Limited 12 June 2018 FRN (3 Month BBSW +1.00%) BOQ # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC NAB (MF) YTMF04 MF National Australia Bank Limited 8 November 2018 FRN (3 Month BBSW +0.88%) NAB # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC NAB 1 (MF) YTMF05 MF National Australia Bank Limited 20 May 2019 FRN (3 Month BBSW +0.85%) NAB # Nov-15 Recent
ACBC SUN (MF) YTMF06 MF Suncorp Metway Limited (Suncorp Group Limited) 23 April 2019 FRN (3 Month BBSW +1.10%) SUN # Nov-15 Recent



Name ASX Code  Type Exposure  Listing Date  Chart  Announcements 
APA Group APA Stapled Gas Utilities Jun-00 Recent
AusNet Services AST Stapled Electric Utilities Dec-05 Recent
DUET Group DUE Stapled Multi-Utilities Aug-04 Recent
Ethane Pipeline Income Fund EPX Stapled Gas Utilities Sep-06 Recent
Infigen Energy IFN Stapled Independent Power Producers & Energy Trader Oct-05 Recent
Macquarie Atlas Roads MQA Stapled Highways & Railtracks Jan-10 Recent
Spark Infrastructure Group SKI Stapled Electric Utilities Mar-07 Recent
Sydney Airports   SYD Stapled  Airport Services Aug-02 Recent
Transurban Group TCL Stapled Highways & Railtracks  Mar-96 Recent

Exposure ASX Code Type Benchmark MER% Outperf' Fee Listing Date Chart Announcements
Australian Shares
Acorn Captial Investment Fund Limited ACQ Shares - - - May-04 Recent
Aberdeen Leaders ALR Shares  XJOAI 2.4 No Sep-87 Recent
AFIC AFI Shares XJOAI 0.18 No Jan-36 Recent
AMCIL AMH Shares XJOAI 0.77 No Feb-00 Recent
Australian Governance Masters Index Funds Limited AQF Shares XJOAI 0.49 No Mar-10 Recent
Argo Investments ARG Shares XJOAI 0.18 No Jan-47 Recent
Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust AUP Units UBS Aus Bank Bill 2.00 Yes Jul-07 Recent
Australian United Investment AUI Shares XKOAI 0.13 No Jan-74 Recent
Arowana Australasian Value Opportunities Fund AWQ Shares XJOAI 1.00 Yes Jan-15 Recent
Bentley International BEL Shares XAOAI - Yes Oct-86 Recent
BKI Investment Company Limited BKI Shares XKOAI 0.19 No Dec-03 Recent
Barrack St Investments Limited BST Shares   1.30 Yes Aug-14 Recent
Bailador Technology Investments limited BTI Shares   1.75 Yes Nov-14 Recent
CBG Capital Limited CBC Shares XJOAI 1.00 Yes Dec-14 Recent
Cadence Capital CDM Shares XKOAI 1.00 Yes Dec-06 Recent
Carlton Investments CIN Shares XJOAI 0.10 No Jun-70 Recent
Century Australia CYA Shares XKOAI 1.08 No Apr-04 Recent
Clime Capital Limied CAM Shares XAOAI - - Feb-04 Recent
Contango Income Generator Limited CIE Shares   0.95 No Aug-15 Recent
Contango MicroCap CTN Shares XAOAI 1.25 Yes Mar-04 Recent
Continuation Investments Limited COT Shares - - - Jan-04 Recent
Diversified United Investment DUI Shares XKOAI 0.17 No Dec-91 Recent
Djerriwarrh Investments DJW Shares XFLAI 0.39 No Jun-95 Recent
Future Generation Investment Fund Limited FGX Shares   1.00 No Sep-14 Recent
Flagship Investments Limited FSI Shares UBS Aus Bank Bill - Yes Dec-00 Recent
Glennon Small Companies Limited GC1 Shares XSOAI 1.00 Yes Aug-15 Recent
Ironbark Capital Limited IBC Shares XKOAI 0.65 Yes Apr-87 Recent
Mercantile Investment Company Limited MVT Shares - - - Apr-07 Recent
Milton Corporation MLT Shares XOAI 0.14 No Apr-62 Recent
Mirrabooka Investments MIR Shares XMDAI 0.70 No Jun-01 Recent
Monash Absolute Investment Company Limited MA1 Shares   1.50 Yes Apr-16 Recent
Naos Absolute Opportunities Company Limited NAC Shares   1.75 Yes Nov-14 Recent
NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company Limited NCC Shares XSOAI 1.25 Yes Feb-13 Recent
Orion Equities Limited OEQ Shares - - - Nov-70 Recent
Ozgrowth Limited OZG Shares 7% return 1.00 Yes Jan-08 Recent
Perpetual Investment Company PIC Shares XKOAI 1.00 No Dec-14 Recent
QV Equities Limited QVE Shares   0.90 No Aug-14 Recent
Sandon Capital Investments Limited SNC Shares - 1.25 Yes Dec-13 Recent
WAM Capital WAM Shares XAOAI 1.00 Yes Aug-99 Recent
WAM Leaders Limited WLE Shares XJOAI 1.00 Yes May-16 Recent
WAM Research Limited WAX Shares XAOAI 1.00 Yes Aug-03 Recent
Wealth Defender Equities Limited WDE Shares XKOAI 0.98 Yes May-15 Recent
Westoz Investment Company Limited WIC Shares 10% return 1.28 Yes Sep-09 Recent
Whitefield WHF Shares XJOAI 0.35 No Aug-71 Recent
Watermark Market Neutral Fund Limited WMK Shares - 1.00  Yes Jul-13 Recent
International Shares
AMP Capital China Growth Fund AGF Units S&P / CITIC 300 TR 1.65 Yes Dec-06 Recent
Aurora Global Income Trust AIB Units UBS Aus Bank Bill 1.33 No Dec-07 Recent
Asian MastersFund Limited AUF Shares - 1.00 Yes Dec-07 Recent
Ellerston Asian Investments Limited EAI Shares MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan 0.95 Yes Sep-15 Recent
Ellerston Global Investments Limited EGI Shares   0.75 Yes Oct-14 Recent
Emerging Markets Masters Fund EMF Units - 1.08 No Oct-12 Recent
Future Generation Global Investment Company Limited FGG Shares   1.00 No Sep-15 Recent
Global Masters Fund GFL Shares - 0.85 No May-06 Recent
Global Value Fund Limited GVF Shares - 1.50 Yes Aug-14 Recent
Hunter Hall Global Value HHV Shares MSCI World 1.77 Yes Mar-04 Recent
Magellan Flagship Fund MFF Shares MSCI World 1.25 Yes Dec-06 Recent
PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited PAF Shares - 1.00 Yes May-14 Recent
PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited PGF Shares MSCI World 1.00 - Dec-13 Recent
Platinum Asia Investments Limited PAI Shares MSCI All country Asia ex Japan Net (AUD) 1.10 Yes Sep-15 Recent
Platinum Capital Limited PMC Shares MSCI World 1.50  Yes Jun-94 Recent
Sunvest Corporation Limited SVS Shares - - - Aug-87 Recent
Templeton Global Growth TGG Shares MSCI World 1.00 No May-87 Recent
US Select Private Opportunities Fund USF Units - 0.33 No Aug-12 Recent
US Select Private Opportunities Fund 2 USG Units - - - Apr-13 Recent
U.S. Masters Holdings Limited USH Shares - - - Sep-91 Recent
Zeta Resources Limited ZER Shares S&P.ASX 300 Metals & Mining Index 0.50 Yes Jun-13 Recent
Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited ALI Shares FTSE Global Core Infrastructure 50/50 Index (net total return AUD) & BofA Merrill Lynch Fixed Rate Preferred Securities Index (AUD) 1.20 No Jul-15 Recent
Private Equity
IPE Limited IPE Shares XKOAI 1.50 Yes Nov-04 Recent
Specialist Shares
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 1 Limited AYD Shares - 0.59 Yes Nov-12 Recent
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 2 Limited AYH Shares - 0.59 Yes Nov-12 Recent
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 3 Limited AYJ Shares - 0.59 Yes Oct-13 Recent
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 4 Limited AYK Shares - 0.59 Yes Oct-13 Recent
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 5 Limited AYZ Shares - 0.65 No Aug-15 Recent
Australian Masters Corporate Bond Fund No 5 Limited AKY Shares - 0.45 No May-11 Recent
Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited BAF Shares - 1.20 Yes Jun-14 Recent
Global Resource Masters Fund Limited GRF Shares - 1.00 No Feb-09 Recent
Lion Selection Group Limited LSX Shares - 1.50 Yes Mar-13 Recent
Thorney Opportunities Limited TOP Shares - - - Mar-00 Recent
US Masters Residential Property Fund URF Units   1.69 No Jul-12 Recent
8I Holdings Ltd 8IH CDI - - - Dec-14 Recent

Name ASX Code Type  Listing Date Chart  Announcements 
Austock Group Limited ACK Shares Dec-07    Recent
Acrux ACR Shares Sept-04   Recent
Authorised Investment Fund AIY Shares Mar-04   Recent
Biotech Capital BTC Shares Aug-00   Recent
MEC Resources Limited MMR Shares May-06   Recent
Strategic Elements Limited SOR Shares Aug-11    Recent