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Foreign entity data

Foreign entity data is used to determine the representation and weighting of Foreign Exempt and Foreign Domicile companies in the S&P/ASX suite of indices.

Selected Securities of Foreign Incorporated Entities Quoted on ASX (June 2017) lists Foreign Exempt and Foreign Domicile companies listed on ASX and the six month average of the total number of securities for those entities as well as the six month average of the number of CHESS Depository Instruments (CDIs).

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About Foreign Exempt Listings

ASX Foreign Exempt Listings are entities that are listed on another securities exchange and have a secondary listing on ASX. They must comply primarily with the rules of their home exchange and are exempt from complying with most of ASX’s Listing Rules. ASX Foreign Exempt Listings are not required to comply with ASX’s continuous disclosure rules, but they are required to immediately release on ASX any information that they publicly release on their home exchange.

To be admitted as an ASX Foreign Exempt Listing, an entity must be a foreign entity and be listed on a market that is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges.  It must be subject to and comply with the rules of its home exchange. It must also meet a number of financial, structural and administrative requirements, including an assets test of $2 billion or a profit test of $200 million (other than for entities listed on the main board of the New Zealand Exchange, which must meet a assets test of $3 million, a market capitalisation test of $10 million or a profit test of $1 million over the past three years).

For further information on ASX Foreign Exempt Listings, see ASX Listing Rules Guidance Note 4 ‘Foreign Entities Listing on ASX’.