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Futures maturity calendar

Listed below are maturity dates for futures contracts. The maturity date is the third Thursday of the maturity month, provided this day is a trading day. ACH has the right to change this date should the need arise.

Note that the last trading day for a futures contract is the business day preceding the maturity date.

Futures maturity cycle

March, June, September, December cycle

Futures contract maturity dates to December 2009:

June 19 2008
September 18 2008
December 18 2008
March 19 2009
June 18 2009
September 17 2009
December 17 2009

Coding convention

The futures contract code is a five character code. The first three letters are the ASX code of the underlying index. The fourth character is a number designating the year of maturity and the fifth character represents the maturity month.

Futures and options expiries 2008-2011

2008 expiry calendar (PDF 19KB)
2009 expiry calendar (PDF 19KB)
2010 expiry calendar (PDF 19KB)
2011 expiry calendar (PDF 19KB)

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