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Options over EA canola futures

Name Ordinary Options over Eastern Australia Canola Futures Contract
Contract Unit An Eastern Australia Canola Futures Contract. (20 tonnes)
Manner of Quoting Contract Premium Australian Dollars per tonne.
Minimum fluctuations to be used in quoting Contract Premium AUD $0.10 per tonne. (Tick value $2 per contract.)
Manner of Quoting Exercise Price Australian Dollars per tonne.
Minimum fluctuations to be used in quoting Exercise Price Multiples of $10
Creation of new Exercise Prices New Exercise Prices are created as the underlying futures contract price moves, at $5 intervals.
Expiry Months February, April, June, August, December
Listing Schedule There are four Expiry Months listed at anytime. Options listed are for the nearest three Expiry Months and the next New Crop month at anytime. New Crop defined as January (for Futures) (December for Options).
Declaration Date The fifteenth Trading Day of the month immediately prior to the underlying futures contract Settlement Month.
Trading Hours

The Trading Hours for the ASX Grain Market changed on Monday December 2, 2013. For further information please refer to ASX 24 Notice 200/13.

Night Session: 5.00pm to 7.00pm  
Day Session: 11.00am to 4.30pm

All times are AEST / AEDT*

Pre-open starts 10 minutes prior to day session trading and 5 minutes prior to night session trading.

Time at which trading ceases on Declaration Date Trading ceases at 4.30pm (AEST/AEDT) on Declaration Date.
Automatic Exercise Unless otherwise manually excluded from exercise, in the money options are automatically exercised at expiry.
Final time for lodgement of Request or Deny Automatic Exercise Request

Unexercised option positions shall expire at 4.30pm (AEST/AEDT) on the Declaration Date.

Clearing Participants have until 4.30pm to notify ASX Clear (Futures) whether they would like to exercise.

On any day other than the Declaration Date, Clearing Participants have up to 20 minutes after close of trading.

Premium Premium paid in arrears (futures style).
Exercise Style American Style, i.e. exercisable on or before the Declaration Date.
Type Call and Put Options
Settlement on Exercise Creation of the underlying position in Eastern Australia Canola Futures.
Undesirable Situations If an undersirable situation within the meaning of Rule [3100] is developing or has developed, then the provisions of that Rule [3100] shall apply and any provision of these Operating Rules which cannot be complied with until the value or price has been declared shall be complied with as soon as possible after it has been declared.

* AEDT commences the first Sunday of October and finishes the first Sunday of April

In the case of any discrepancy between this document and the ASX 24 Operating Rules and ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules the respective Operating Rules prevail.