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Eastern Australia Canola (VC) is a Newcastle, Port Kembla, Geelong, Portland and Port Adelaide Track contract.

The following conditions must be met to deliver Australian Canola:

  • The location must be in New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia.
  • The location must be up-country and not at a port site.* 
  • The location may have either road or rail out loading capability.
  • The delivered oilseed must be current season. 
  • The oilseed must be of Australian origin, meet minimum Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) Grain Quality Standard for Canola (CSO1-a) and be free of any regulatory control that is applied on either a State basis or determined by crop year. **
  • The GTA Location Differential applied is either Newcastle, Port Kembla, Geelong, Portland or Port Adelaide, whichever is the least cost.***

* Ardrossan (SA) is an acceptable delivery location.

** Oil payment and Admixture adjustment based on stack average information. For March 2014 onward GM Canola (CANG) is not an acceptable grade.

Delivery against Eastern Australia Canola (VC) is possible at the following Approved Bulk Handlers:

Approved Bulk Handler
AWB GrainFlow Pty Ltd
Emerald Logistics Pty Ltd
GrainCorp Operations Ltd
Viterra Ltd

Applicable Delivery Information