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Futures and options

For over 10 years ASX Grains has been facilitating price discovery and risk management in track markets for Australian wheat, feed barley, sorghum and canola.

ASX Grains futures and options provide hedgers with alternatives to manage price risk, production risk, payment security, to improve hedge correlation, and reduce foreign exchange risk.

Futures contracts are exchange-traded forward contracts that are standardised, centrally cleared and deliverable.

An option is a contract between two parties giving the buyer of the option the right, but not the obligation, to either buy or sell the underlying ASX grain futures contract at a set price, on or before a predetermined date.

ASX Grains Grain futures Grain options
Contract specification Market prices Charts Contract specifications Market prices
NSW Wheat VW futures VW VW VW options VWO
WA Wheat WK futures WK  WK WK options WKO
Eastern Australia Feed Barley UB futures UB  UB UB options UBO
Australian Sorghum US futures US  US US options USO
Eastern Australia Canola VC futures VC  VC VC options VCO