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WA Wheat (WK) is a Kwinana Track contract.

The following conditions must be met to deliver WA Wheat:

  • The location must be in Western Australia and delivered within the Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) network.
  • The delivered milling wheat must meet or exceed minimum Grain Trade Australia (GTA) Wheat Standard CSG 103 (APW1) 10.5% protein*. For example: APW1, H1, H2 and APH2 are deliverable grades. *This wheat grade applies for the March 2016 delivery onwards. For deliveries prior to March 2016 the wheat grade is GTA Wheat Standard APW2, Standard Reference number CSG-104.
  • The delivered wheat must be current season.
  • The CBH Destination Sites at which transfer of virtual entitlement is possible are Kwinana and Metro Grain Centre (MGC).
  • The GTA Location Differential applied, if applicable, is basis Kwinana.

For sellers lodging stock into the ASX Clear (Futures) account the contact email address to use is:

Delivery against WA Wheat is possible at the following Approved Bulk Handler:

Applicable Delivery Information