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WA Wheat - Delivery Requirements

WA Wheat (WK) is a Kwinana Track contract.

The following conditions must be met to deliver WA Wheat:

  • The location must be in Western Australia and delivered within the Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) network.
  • The delivered milling wheat must meet or exceed minimum Grain Trade Australia (GTA) Wheat Standard CSG 104 (APW2) 10% protein. For example: APW2, APWN, H1, and H2 are deliverable grades. For March 2014 onward there is no protein premium applied.
  • The delivered wheat must be current season.
  • The CBH Destination Sites at which transfer of virtual entitlement is possible are Kwinana and Metro Grain Centre (MGC).
  • The GTA Location Differential applied, if applicable, is basis Kwinana.

* Protein payment based on the average quality data applicable for the Destination Sites Kwinana and MGC.

For sellers lodging stock into the ASX Clear (Futures) account the contact email address to use is:

Delivery against WA Wheat is possible at the following Approved Bulk Handler:

Applicable Delivery Information

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