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ASX Funds Statistics

ASX Investment Products Monthly Update

A comprehensive report on the following sectors, A-REITs, infrastructure funds,  listed investment companies and trusts and exchange traded products (formerly named "ASX Funds Report"). Report provides performance matrix and trading activity.  Report replaced two separate monthly reports known as  'ASX Monthly LMI Update' and 'Monthly ASX ETF Update' as of January 2013.



  Monthly Investment Products Report
May 2017 Download
April 2017 Download  
March 2017 Download
February 2017 Download
January 2017 Download



  Monthly Funds Report
December 2016 Download
November 2016 Download
October 2016 Download
September 2016 Download
August 2016 Download
July 2016 Download
June 2016 Download
May 2016 Download
April 2016 Download
March 2016 Download
February 2016 Download
January 2016 Download



  Monthly Funds Report
December 2015 Download
November 2015 Download
October 2015 Download
September 2015 Download
August 2015 Download
July 2015 Download
June 2015 Download
May 2015 Download
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March 2015 Download
February 2015 Download
January 2015     Download



Monthly Funds Report 
December 2014 Download
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   LIC premiums /
discounts to NTA
Monthly Funds Report 
December 2013 Download Download
November 2013 Download Download
October 2013 Download Download
September 2013 Download Download
August 2013 Download Download
July 2013 Download Download
June 2013  Download Download 
May 2013  Download   Download 
April 2013  Download  Download
March 2013   Download Download 
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January 2013                       Download  Download

LIC premiums /
discounts to NTA
Monthly LMI
Monthly ETP
December 2012  PDF (50KB)  PDF (843KB)  PDF (843KB)  PDF (402KB) 
November 2012  PDF (50KB)  PDF  (674KB) PDF  (674KB)  
October 2012 PDF (50KB)  PDF (582KB) PDF (582KB)  
September 2012  PDF (50KB) PDF  (596KB) PDF (596KB) PDF (384KB)
August 2012  PDF (50KB)  PDF (587KB)   PDF (587KB)  
July 2012  PDF (45KB)   PDF (462KB) PDF (462KB)  
June 2012  PDF (45KB)  PDF (362KB)  PDF (363KB)  PDF (418KB) 
May 2012 PDF (64KB) PDF (362KB) PDF (342KB)  
April 2012 PDF (63KB)  PDF (335KB)  PDF (340KB)  
March 2012  PDF (63KB) PDF (355KB)  PDF (340KB) PDF (328KB)  
February 2012 PDF (63KB)  PDF (336KB) PDF (164KB)  
January 2012  PDF (63KB) PDF (263KB) PDF (173KB)

LIC premiums /
discounts to NTA
Monthly LMI
sector update
Monthly ETF
sector update
December 2011  PDF (46KB) PDF (263KB)  PDF (174KB)  PDF (380KB) 
November 2011  PDF (63KB) PDF (125KB)  PDF (160KB)  
October 2011 PDF (64KB) PDF (124KB)  PDF (169KB)    
September 2011  PDF (41KB)  PDF (270KB) PDF (180KB) PDF (300KB) 
August 2011  PDF (41KB)  PDF (48KB)  PDF (54KB)  
July 2011  PDF (41KB)  PDF (51KB)  PDF (42KB)  
June 2011  PDF (40KB) PDF (51KB)  PDF (42KB)  PDF (296KB)
May 2011  PDF (40KB)  PDF (52KB)     
April 2011  PDF (40KB)  PDF (52KB     
March 2011 PDF (42KB) PDF (57KB)    PDF (293KB)
February 2011 PDF (42KB) PDF (71KB)  
January 2011 PDF (42KB) PDF (57KB)    

LIC premiums /
discounts to NTA
sector update
December 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (57KB) PDF (306KB)
November 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (57KB)
October 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (57KB)
September 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (57KB) PDF (306KB)
August 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (57KB)
July 2010 PDF (57KB) PDF (57KB)
June 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (48KB) PDF (305 KB)
May 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (48KB)
April 2010 PDF (36KB) PDF (48KB)
March 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (58KB) PDF (307KB)
February 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (58KB)
January 2010 PDF (39KB) PDF (58KB)

ASX / Morningstar LIC NTA report series

Download report

The ASX / Morningstar  LIC NTA report series, available  from January 2014 onwards provides a snapshot of whether LICs are trading at a premium or a discount to their net tangible assets and additional details on fees, manager and benchmark.

Access the latest LIC NTA reports and other LIC data via Morningstar.  Pre December 2013 LIC NTA reports are available below