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Trading information

Contract specifications

REC Contract Specifications

Delivery process

REC Futures expire on the 15th of the expiry month or the next business day if the 15th is not a business day.

Positions remaining open after trading ceases on the last day of trading will go to delivery. Delivery is a T+3 delivery process (i.e. delivery and settlement occurs 3 days after last trading day) with Clearing House protection provided throughout the delivery process.

Payments occur via ASX Austraclear and the delivery of RECs occurs between the registry accounts of ASX Clear (Futures) Clearing Participants (or alternatively directly between buyer and seller accounts if desired).

For more details on the REC delivery process, see the REC Delivery Guide and review the  ASX 24 Operating Rules and Procedures.

Market Access Information

Hours of operation

  • ASX Trade24 Trading hours - day and night session trading hours by contract.
  • ASX Trade24 Holiday Schedule - information on early and full market closes for the current and past calendar years.  The Holiday schedule covers both the Australian and New Zealand markets.
  • Expiry Calendar (PDF 331KB) - Expiry date and time information for all Australian and New Zealand futures and futures options contracts.  The calendar also contains post expiry clearing time schedules.

Clearing and margins

Trading and clearing systems

The ASX System Status pages provide information on ASX Trade24 and ASX Clear (Futures).

Rule information

ASX 24 Operating Rules


Market news

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