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ASX released a consultation paper -The ASX Equity Exchange Traded Options Market (PDF 460KB) - that seeks to gather market views on two matters germane to improved market making in ETOs: The ASX Settlement methodology in the event of takeovers - sometimes called “Fair Value” Settlement methodology; and the number of shares per standard contract.



ASX released a position paper on suggested measures to improve the transparency of short selling and securities lending activity in Australia. This paper was prepared in response to the Government's call for comments on its draft Corporations Amendment (Short Selling) Bill 2008. Transparency of Short Selling and Securities Lending position paper (PDF 129KB)


ASX released details of listing rule amendments expected to take effect in 2009.



As foreshadowed in the ASX Consultation Paper (PDF 91KB), on Friday 11 April ASX released an Issues Paper (PDF 90KB) to consult with ACH Clearing Participants on the "Impact of Multiple Trade Execution Platforms for ASX Listed Securities on ACH Clearing Participant Operations and Systems". ASX invites feedback by Monday 5 May 2008.


ASX has released a Short Selling Public Consultation Paper.


ASX released "ASX Consultation Paper Access to Central Counterparty (CCP) and Securities Settlement Facility (SSF) CHESS Services No. 1".


ASX forwarded the attached submission to ASIC in response to its Consultation Paper 95: Competition for market services - response to CP 86 and further consultation.

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14/12/07 ASX has released a public consultation paper requesting feedback on a proposal for ASX to amend its listing rules to allow quotation of non-voting ordinary shares, subject to certain safeguards.
14/12/07 ASX is not proposing to proceed with the proposed amendments to Chapter 5 of the Listing Rules for oil and gas reserve and resource reporting as set out in the 20 June 2007 Overview Document and Exposure Draft (Please refer to 2007 ASX Omnibus Listing Rule Amendments below). ASX is currently reviewing recent developments in the industry and recent developments in the disclosure and reporting requirements in other relevant jurisdictions. ASX will undertake further consultation on any proposed amendments to the Listing Rules relevant to oil and gas reporting requirements in the second half of 2010.
14/12/07 ASX has released details of proposed 2007 ASX Omnibus Listing Rule Amendments.
17/08/07 ASX forwarded the attached submission to ASIC in response to its Consultation Paper 86: Competition for Market Services - trading in listed securities and related data.


ASX has released details of proposed listing rule amendments. The changes are outlined in an Overview Document with a separate Exposure Draft setting out drafting amendments in mark-up.



ASX has released a Participant Circular setting out the results of ASX's review of its Supervisory Powers and Processes.



The merger of the former Australian Stock Exchange with SFE Corporation took effect in mid-July 2006. In early December 2006 the Group holding company changed its name to ASX Limited and the ASX Group launched its new Australian Securities Exchange brand. The merger and the development of the new ASX Group under the Australian Securities Exchange brand provided the catalyst for the review of the disciplinary and appeal processes across the ASX Group.

The objective of the exposure paper is to outline the approach for the integration of disciplinary tribunals and appeal processes to be adopted by the licensed entities across the Australian Securities Exchange.