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Rules, guidance notes and waivers

Rule changes


Trade Cancellations, Order Limits and Regulatory Halts

ASX only allows trade cancellations, or will enforce cancellations, as set out in ASX and ASX 24 Rules and Procedures 3200 – 3210.

ASX also enforces order limits for certain products set out in ASX Rule and Procedure 3260.

ASX will also impose a Regulatory Halt Session State for certain products under the conditions set out in ASX Procedures 3210 and 3260.


Code of Practice for clearing and settlement of cash equities in Australia


ASX 24 Operating Rules New Trading Platform

The changes to the ASX 24 Operating Rules to facilitate the introduction of the NTP for the ASX 24 market are scheduled to take effect in February 2017.  In addition to the rule amendments, the ASX 24 Operating Rules will be adopting a new format which includes the Rules and the Procedures in the same document.  The Rules will be shaded in grey and the Procedures will appear beneath each relevant rule.

The updated ASX 24 Operating Rules are available here.

The latest market notice, including links to the marked-up amendments, is available here.


Old Operating Rules

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